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(Pakistan: a cautionary tale)


Today the General elections are being held in Pakistan for National Assembly and all the four Provincial Assemblies. These are the largest elections in the history of Pakistan with 85 million registered voters. The voters' turn-out is enormous and surprising. There are long queues of people, including women, at polling stations despite the threats from the extremists and Taliban. Pakistani people have once again rejected the terrorism and all the forms of non-representative government with their mandate. 


Sir, you are absolutely right that parities do not work and it is not possible at all for two groups (even of the same religion) to live together without full democratic and civic rights.


We, the unfortunate Pakistanis, have broken half of our country by making such futile and failed experiments. West Pakistan established parity with East Pakistan under the constitution of 1956. This scheme was named One Unit, according to which the entire West Pakistan (current Pakistan) was declared one province and the East Pakistan, the other. Both had equal seats in National Assembly. Actually the population of Bengalis was larger than the entire West Pakistan.


But this malevolent scheme did not work and it catalyzed the centrifugal sentiments in East Pakistan. Moreover, it caused hatred amongst the provinces of West Pakistan specially Punjab. Pakistan got dismembered while trying to subdue its majority population with the help of so-called One Unit and parity, despite the fact that the entire population was Muslim.


The separatist movements still could not be curbed in the remaining Pakistan, a poisonous outcome of One Unit and Parity.


This was the greatest tragedy, defeat and shame, Pakistanis have faced till date. I request you to quote the example of Pakistan while defending the Two-State formula. It is a historical fact and an event of near-past (1971).


The results of One-State model might be quite horrific, incredible and unexpected for those who are advocating it; as West Pakistan had to face a humiliating defeat at the hands of those whom it wished to crush with the help of power and unconstitutional means.


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Sorry, Pakistan and Israel were founded, of course, in 1947/8.