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Uri Avnery May 17, 2014: On refugees


Uri Avnery May 10, 2014: A National Hero


Uri Avnery May 3, 2014: A Shameful Chapter    


Uri Avnery April 26, 2014: Words, Words, Words


Uri Avnery April 19, 2014: On Oslo Criminal


Uri Avnery April 12, 2014: In One Word: Poof!


Uri Avnery April 5, 2014: The Monster on the Hill


Uri Avnery March 29, 2014: Changing the Flag


Uri Avnery March 22, 2014: A Hundred Years Later


Uri Avnery March 15, 2014: A Counter-Coalition


Uri Avnery March 8, 2014: God Bless Putin


Uri Avnery March 1, 2014: Their Mothers, Their Fathers


Uri Avnery February 22, 201: Captain Boycott Rides Again


Uri Avnery February 15, 2014: Three Women


Uri Avnery February 8, 2014: Another Pipe Dream


Uri Avnery February 1, 2014: Return, Return oh Shulamit


Uri Avnery January 25, 2014: Nothing New Under the Sun


Uri Avnery January 18, 2013: The Imperator

Uri Avnery, January 11, 2014: Bibi & Libie


  Reuters, Haaretz, January 10. 2014: Gaza woman gives birth to first baby born from smuggled sperm


  Barak Ravid, Haaretz, January 10, 2014: Israel announces  1,400 new housing units in West Bank, Jerusalem


 Gili Cohen, Haaretz , January 8, 2014: Israel's defense minister calls settler attacks 'terrorism'


 Uri Avnery, January 4, 2014: Neutral – in whose favor?


  Uri Avnery, December 28, 2013: Mandela: The Movie


  Uri Avnery, December 21, 2013: Angel Face


  Uri Avnery, December 14, 2013: Self-Boycott


 Uri Avnery, December 7, 2013: (Un)holy River  


 Uri Avnery, November 30, 2013: The Debacle


 Uri Avnery, November 23, 2013: The Battle of the Titans


 Uri Avnerys 90 Birthday event-December 2013 video at youtube


 Uri Avnery, November 16. 2013: The Assassination (of Arafat)


 Mairav Zonszein, November 14, 2013: Palestinian family targeted by arson in 'revenge' for murder of Israeli  


 Uri Avnery, November 11, 2013: Laureate’s speech Journalists’ Association awarded  “Lifetime Achievement Prize”.


 Uri Avnery, November 9, 2013: The Judaization of Israel


 Uri Avnery, November 2, 2013: On the occasion of my 90th birthday  


  Uri Avnery, October 26, 2013: Taking Apartheid Apart


  Barak Ravid, October 24, 2013: Europeans discuss terms for Israel's return to UN human rights council


  Uri Avnery October 19, 2013: The Descenders  


  Uri Avnery October 16, 2013 (Haaretz): Ultimately, Israeli leftism is based on one’s view of the occupation  


 Mona Chalabi, the Gaurdian, October 14, 2013: How does Palestine's economy work?


 Uri Avnery October 12, 2013: Ovadia’s Choice  


  Uri Avnery October 5, 2013: Killjoy Was Here


 Uri Avnery September 28, 201: The Real Bomb  


  Uri Avnery September 21, 2013: Stolen Wars  


 Uri Avnery September 14, 2013: A Good War  


 Uri Avnery September 7, 2013: Oslo Revisited  


 Uri Avnery August 31, 2013: Poor Obama     


 Uri Avnery August 24, 2013: Cry, Beloved Country  


 Uri Avnery August 17, 2013: A new Guinness Record     


 Uri Avnery August 10, 2013: A Federation – Why Not?    


  Uri Avnery August 3, 2013: Civil War?


  Uri Avnery July 27, 2013: The Turkey Under the Table




 Uri Avnery July 20, 2013: A Gift from Europe  


  Uri Avnery July 13, 2013:The Grand Dilemma


 Elias July 11 2013 (video): Israeli soldiers arrest 5-year-old Palestinian for throwing stone


 Dalia Hatuqa July 9. 2013: Palestinian children work Israeli settlements   


 Uri Avnery July 6, 2013: A Human Spring  


  Uri Avnery 29. June 2013: Kerry and Chutzpah  


 Uri Avnery June 22, 2013: When the Gods Laugh
 (A shorter version of this article was published in Haaretz on June 19, the day after the official birthday.)  


  Uri Avnery June 15, 2013: Triumph and Tragedy  
  (A shorter version of this article was published this week in the Jerusalem Post (June 10),


 Pamela Olson If American knew: May 2013: The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans 


  Uri Avnery June 7, 2013: Occupation? What occupation?  


  Uri Avnery June 8, 2013: Butterflies in Damascus  


  Uri Avnery June 1, 2013: The False Torch  


  Uri Avnery May 25, 2013: The State of Whom?  


  Uri Avnery May 18, 2013: Women of the Wall


   Uri Avnery May 11, 2013: The Donkey of the Messiah on one state


   The Guardian May 9, 2013: Stephen Hawking: Furore deepens over Israel boycott Political motive revealed


  Uri Avnery May 4, 2013: No, We Can’t! on the arab peace initiative


  Uri Avnery April 27, 2013: The Russians Came


  Uri Avnery April 20, 2013: In Praise of Emotion


  Uri Avnery April 13 2013: “Around Us the Storm is Raging…”  on independence day


  Uri Avnery April 6, 2013:  In Their Shoes, Obama in Palestine


  Amira Hass, Haaretz April 4, 2013: Liquid asymmetry:
How the PA is forced to support water projects for West Bank settlements
                                                   According to a British researcher, the work of the Israeli-Palestinian
                                                   Joint Water Committee reflects another example of Israel's Ability to coerce and
                                                   restrict the Palestinian population.


  Amira Hass, Haaretz April 4, 2013: Shin Bet documents show illegal interrogation methods used against Palestinian
                                                  prisoner A prisoner who suffered serious injury 18 months ago, which
                                                  he alleges was caused by torture, files a High Court petition asking that the
                                                  military prosecution open a case against investigators in the Shin Bet security



  •   Reuters, The Guardian April 4, 2013: Israeli troops shoot dead two Palestinian youths in West Bank
                                                                  Yoths aged 17 and 18 killed as confrontations enter a third day following the
                                                        death of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail

  •  Amira Hass, Haaretz April 1, 2013: Israeli crackdown on Palestinian mobility began well before suicide bombings
                                                       Most Israelis labor under the misconception that restrictions on Palestinian
                                                       movement were a result of suicide bombings, but they started long before that.


      Uri Avnery March 30, 2013: Idiocracy


      Uri Avnery March 23, 2012: The Speech that was Not Delivered


      Uri Avnery March 16, 2013: To the Victor, the Spoils  

     Uri Avnery March 9, 2013: “Ich bin ein Bil’iner!”  


      Uri Avnery March 2, 2013: The Third Intifada?  


      Uri Avnery February 23, 2013: Peace and Watermelons  


      Uri Avnery February 16, 2013: The Zuabis


      Uri Avnery February 2, 2013: Woe to the Victor   


     Uri Avnery December 29, 2012: A Person Called Nobody  


     Uri Avnery January 26, 2013: A Move to the Center  


     Uri Avnery January 19, 2012: Who to vote for?  


     Uri Avnery January 12, 2013: Welcome, Chuck  


     Uri Avnery January 5, 2013: Weird Elections  


      Uri Avnery December 15, 2012: The Sea and the River


     Uri Avnery December 8, 2012: Cold Revenge  


     Adam Shatz, London Review of Books, 6, December 2012 : Why Israel Didn’t Win  


     David Grossman 5, Dezember 2012:   Writes for Btselem


     Noam Chomsky 3, December 2012 : What the American Media Won't Tell You About Israel  


     Uri Avnery December 1, 2012: The Strong and the Sweet  


     Jonathan Cook Net : The view from Nazareth


      Uri Avnery November 24, 2012: Once And For All!  


      Uri Avnery November 17, 2012: Another Superfluous War  


      Uri Avnery November 10, 2012: Goodbye to a War


     Uri Avnery November 3, 2012: Das System  


     Uri Avnery October 27, 2012: Drought in Texas


      Uri Avnery October 20, 2012: The Man with the Uzi  


     Uri Avnery October 13, 2012: Filling the Black Hole  


     Uri Avnery October 6, 2012: Of Bombs and Comics  


     Uri Avnery September 29, 2012: The Grand Default  


      Uri Avnery September 22, 2012: A Message from Romnyahu


     Uri Avnery September 15, 2012: Protest in Ramallah


      Ellen Siegel September 14, 2012: A letter to the IDF soldiers at Sabra and Shatila


      Robert Turner The Guardian 9 September 2012: Gaza, an early warning of disaster
     Avoiding the looming catastrophe in Gaza is simple enough. Lift the blockade


      Uri Avnery September 8, 2012: The March of Folly


      Adri Nieuwhof - Electronic Intifada September 07, 2012 : Abusing children "part and parcel" of Israeli ideolog


     Uri Avnery September 1, 2012: Master of Mischief


      Jennifer Loewenstein Sep 02, 2012: Anne Frank and Rachel Corrie Anne and Rachel: a Legacy of Two Martyrs


      Uri Avnery August 25, 2012: The Fountainhead


      Uri Avnery August 18, 2012: Mad or Crazy?


      Uri Avnery August 11, 2012: Bloody Spring


      Uri Avnery August 4, 2012: The Greatest Show on Earth 


      Uri Avnery July 28, 2012: Talking Zionism


      Uri Avnery July 21, 2012: Divide et Impera  


     Uri Avnery July 14, 2012: Two Faces 


      Uri Avnery July 7, 2012: Poisoning Arafat


     Uri Avnery September 21, 2002: The Murder of Arafat


     Uri Avnery June 30, 2012: Daphni Rides Again


      Uri Avnery June 23, 2012: Our Muslim Brothers


      Uri Avnery June 16, 2012: Manhunt  


      Uri Avnery June 9, 2012: The War of Lies  


     Uri Avnery June 2, 2012: Israeli Mustard  


     Uri Avnery May 26, 2012: A Bird’s Eye View   
     (Based on my article “The main Effort” published in Haaretz , May 4. 2012.)


      Uri Avnery May 19, 2012: The New Protest                                                                                                                                                                       


    Uri Avnery May 12, 2012: Operetta in 5 Acts  


      Uri Avnery May 5, 2012: A  Putsch Against War


     Uri Avnery April 26, 2012: Confession of an Optimist  


      Uri Avnery April 21, 2012: “Stupid and Mean and Brutal”


      Uri Avnery April 14, 2012: Günter the Terrible


     Uri Avnery April 6, 2012 : “Pour Out Your Wrath!”  


     Uri Avnery March 31, 2012: The New Mandela  


     Uri Avnery March 24, 2012: The Ghetto Within  


     Uri Avnery March 17, 12: All Quiet on the Southern Front  


     Uri Avnery (Published in Hebrew in Haaretz) March 11, 2011: Israel will not attack  


     Uri Avnery March 10. 2012: A Jewish Soul  


     Uri Avnery March 3, 2012: The Laughing Beast  


     Uri Avnery, February 25, 2012: Adnan’s Victory  


       Uri Avnery, February 18: On National Suicide, Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thyself)



      Zafrir Rinat Haaretz September 2011: Israel approves plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin from unrecognized villages

      Campaign to end the destruction of Bedouin villages in Israel and promote a just negotiated solution to the plight
      of Israel's Negev Bedouin citizens:

      A Project of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America and the Jewish Alliance for Change.

       Uri Zer Aviv, Haaretz Februar 16, 2012: Israeli Arab musician wins Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award

       Violinist Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar will be recognized for his work to encourage Jewish-Arab dialogue and
      coexistence through classical music education.

      Uri Avnery February 11, 2012: Storm over Hebron


        Congratulatory Address for Uri Avnery on receiving the Leibowitz  Prize.
      By Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize laureate for chemistry, January 30,
      Uri Avnery February 1, 2012: On the Leibowitz Prize


      Uri Avnery January 28, 2012:  Hurrah for Egypt!


      Uri Avnery January 21, 2012: The Blockbusters  


     Yitzhak Laor, Haaretz, January 17, 2012: Israeli Arabs have never been equal before the law  


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz January 15. 2012: Israel's High Court doesn't deserve to be defended


      Uri Avnery January 14, 2012: The Shining Torch


     Amira Hass, Haaretz, January 12, 2012: EU report: Israel policy in West Bank endangers two-state solution


      Uri Avnery January 7, 2012: The Stolen War


      Mirav Michaeli, Haaretz, January 2, 2012: Israel is missing another opportunity for peace 


      Uri Avnery, December 31, 2011: Shukran, Israel-on Islamists 


      Gideon Levy, December 29, 2011: Didn't we get carried away?


       Uri Avnery, December 24, 2011: The Duke of Nablus

       Gideon Levy, December 25, 2011: World must interfere in Israel's internal affairs


     Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 21, 201: Palestinians are heroes, braving Israeli dictatorship 


       Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 19, 2011: What happens when a Gazan wants to marry a West Bank woman?


      Uri Avnery, December 17, 2011: “With Friends Like These…”  


      Uri Avnery, December 10, 2011: The Fearmongers 


      Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 9, 2011: In Israel, 'fascist' is not a rude word  


       Uri Avnery, December 3, 2011:  The King’s Speech


       Uri Avnery, November 26, 2011: A Day in November


      Uri Avnery, November 19, 2011: Weimar Revisited 


       Gideon Levy,Haaretz, November 13, 2011: Neither here nor there


      Uri Avnery,  November 12, 2011: "you are fed up?"


     Akiva Eldar, Haarez, November 7, 2011: Obama must stop Netanyahu, Barak from attacking Iran 


     Uri Avnery, November 5, 2011: “Hold me back!” bombing Iran

     Gideon Levy, Haaretz November 3, 2011: Israeli leaders' price tag against the Palestinians


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz October 30, 2011: Settlers succeeding in hostile takeover of Israel

       Uri Avnery, October 29, 2011: A View from the Villa - Gaddafi


      Akiva Eldar, Haaretz, October 25, 2011: Palestinians: Lieberman's remarks are an explicit threat on Abbas' life

     Uri Avnery, October 22, 2011:  Everybody’s Son  


      Uri Avnery, October 15, 2011:   The Second Herzl


     Gideon Levy, October  9, 2011:Jewish people are just that, people, and far from chosen

     Uri Abvnery, October 7, 2011: We, the Traitors


     Uri Avnery October 3, 2011: The More Enemies, The More Honor  


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz, October 2, 2011:  The Shin Bet scandal that never died


     Uri Avnery October 1, 2011: Mutiny on the Titanic  


     Yossi Sarid, Haaretz, September 28, 2011: My man of the year for 5771  


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz, September 25, 2011:  Netanyahu proved Israel doesn't want peace


     Uri Avnery, September 24, 2011: Abu Mazen’s Gamble  


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz, September 23, 2011:  Twilight Zone / Tragedies, not flags


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz, September 22, 2011:  The Palestinians are the new Jews


     Amira Hass, Haaretz, September 21, 2011: Creating a flashpoint  


     Uri Avnery September 17, 2011: Sad and Happy  


     Amira Hass, Haaretz, September 14, 2011:  Israel to forcibly evict Bedouins from West Bank


     Uri Avnery, September 10, 2011: Daphne and Itzik  


     Uri Avnery, September 3, 2011: Dogs of War    


     Uri Avnery, August 27, 2011: To The Shores of Tripoli  


      Uri Avnery, August 20, 2011: The Return of the Generals


      Uri Avnery, August 13, 2011: Dichter's Law

      Amira Hass, Haaretz, August 7, 2011: Palestinian pride: Israel protests influenced by Arab world


       Uri Avnery August 6, 2011:  “How Goodly Are Thy Tents”


       Haaretz Editorial, August 3, 2011: Israeli courts must end anti-Arab discrimination


       Uri Avnery July 30, 2011: The New Anti-Semitism

       Uri Avnery July 23, 2011: The Charge of the New York Times or - Baksheesh for the Doorkeeper                                                                              
     Gideon Levy, Haaretz July 17, 2011: Peres must stop destruction of Israeli democracy


      Uri Avnery July 16, 2011: It Can Happen Here!

      Yitzhak Laor Haaretz, July 13, 2011: Israelis, Palestinians must unite to end occupation


      Uri Avnery, July 9, 2011: Instelled Memory

     Yitzhak Laor, haaretz, July 3, 2011: Siege of Gaza has become a moral blockade of Israel


       Uri Avnery, July 2, 2011: The jewish Ayatollahs


     Amira Hass, haaretz June 26, 2011: Fear and no clean clothing: Amira Hass preparing to sail for Gaza

      Participants aboard the Canadian ship dubbed the Tahrir are gearing up to join the upcoming Gaza flotilla.


      Uri Avnery June 25, 2011:Sacred Mantras


     Yossi Sarid, Haaretz June 24, 2011: Are Begin and Shamir also considered terrorists?

      From the end of 1937 until the middle of 1939, in less than two years, the terrorist activities of the Irgun and Lehi
     claimed 232 victims with another 370 wounded - men, women and children.


     Amira Hass, haaretz  June 22, 2011: The truth behind another Israeli expulsion trick

      The artificial division between Areas A, B and C was supposed to be erased from the map, and dropped from the
     discourse, in 1999. Instead, Israel has sanctified and perpetuated it.


     Amira Hass, haaretz  June 19, 2011: Israel letting chaos rule in Palestinian villages near Jerusalem

      Crime and murder reigns in the area around Abu Dis in the B enclave of the West Bank where Israel forbids the
     presence of a Palestinian police force.


      Uri Avnery June 18, 2011: Deny! Deny!  on jewish state


     Yossi Sarid, Haaretz June 17 2011: Haaretz is Israel's fortress guarding democracy

      Every day, when picking up this newspaper on the doorstep, readers can think of themselves as having more than a
     subscription - they have a share in the Zionist enterprise.


      Uri Avnery June 11, 2011:A Brown-haired Young Man, on refugees


     Amira Hass, Haaretz June 7, 2011: West Bank travel restrictions take their toll on international aid budgets

      European, American taxpayers supporting aid groups paying at least $4.5 million additional expenses a year to
     overcome Israeli restrictions.


     Uri Avnery June 4, 2011: RACHEL  


     Yossi Sarid, Haaretz June 1, 2011: Jerusalem Day celebrations will not cover up the city's rot and discrimination

      Jerusalem Day is an 'artificial celebration'; Jerusalem is the most ultra-Orthodox city, the most Arab,
     plagued by negative migration.


     Bradley Burston Haaretz May 17, 2011 : For Palestinians, every day is Nakba Day
     We owe Palestinians what we demand of them:
     recognition of our right to an independent state, and compromise for the sake of a shared future.

      Uri Avnery May 14, 2011: Rubber Man, on Peres


     Akiva Eldar Haaretz May 11, 2011: Erekat: Israel's cancelation of Palestinian residency is a 'war crime'
     Comment by top Palestinian official comes in response to official document quoted by Haaretz, according to which
     Israel covertly canceled the residency status of 140,000 West Bank Palestinians between 1967 and 1994.


      Uri Avnery May 7, 201: “Rejoice Not…”


      Uri Avnery May 28, 2011: Bibi and the Yo-Yos  


     Dan Even, Haaretz April 24, 2011: Israeli Bedouin women lack access to prenatal care
     The infant mortality rate in Muslim villages, including the Bedouin communities, is 11.2 per 1,000 births,
     compared to 2.7 per 1,000 births in Jewish communities.  


      Maya Zinshtein, Haaretz April 11, 2011: Refugees in their own land
     Trade in ancient olive trees is a big business, often across the Green Line. Arab farmers are tempted by the big
      cash that wealthy Israelis will pay for such a status symbol, and there's little the law can do about it.  


       Uri Avnery April 9, 2011: The Gold and the Stone


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz April 8, 2011:Twilight Zone / Mer's last show
      The Freedom Theater management says Juliano Khamis 'was the model of a freedom fighter to the children of the
      camp, a symbol of our culture and our struggle


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz, April 7, 2011:Goldstone has paved the path for a second Gaza war
     Anyone who honored the first Goldstone has to ask him: What exactly do you know today that you didn't know then?


      Amira Hass, Haaretz, April 6, 2011: Mer-Khamis and binational resistance movement

      Through his life and his body, Juliano Mer-Khamis embodied the possibility of a binational resistance movement.


     Uri Avnery April 2, 2011: Napoleon’s Dictum  


     Zvi Barel, Haaretz March 29, 2011: Israeli taxes are funding an anti-Arab worldview
     When Palestinians 'incite' against Israel, this is a matter for international protest, but when Safed's chief rabbi
     incites against Arabs, Israeli Jews merely roll their eyes.

    Amira Hass, Haaretz, March 28, 2011: Mighty Israel and its quest to quash Palestinian popular protest

      The military has delegated its best soldiers, investigators and judges to safeguarding Israel against the organizer of
     Nabi Saleh's popular uprising.


      Uri Avnery, March 26, 2011: Who is annexing Whom?


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz, March 31, 2011:Shin Bet chiefs spearhead the occupation
     Israel has become the Shin Bet state that philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz prophesied. Unlike its counterparts in the
     West, this security service is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.


     Akiva Eldar Haaretz, March 28, 2011: Arab peace initiative is another missed opportunity for Israel

      Today is the ninth anniversary of the approval of the Arab League Peace Initiative. Back then, all the Arab states
     followed by all member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, offered Israel the best deal the Jewish
     state has received since the Balfour Declaration.


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz, March 27, 2011:Who is sick enough to censor Amos Oz?

       The physicians of Assaf Harofeh Hospital must be really sick if they cancelled an invitation to Amos Oz to give the
       keynote speech at an awards ceremony, because he sent a copy of his book to a jailed Fatah leader.


     Gideon Levy, Haaretz, March 27, 2011: Israel's dissidents are saving the country

       The dissidents do not need to apologize for anything. Their country owes them a great deal.



     Amira Hass, Haaretz, March 21, 2011: Egypt proved to Palestinians that revolution has a point

      In their attempts to suppress youth demonstrations in Gaza and Ramallah, the two rival Palestinian ruling parties
     appear to be remarkably in tune



       Zvi Barel, Haaretz, March 20, 2011: Israeli taxes are funding an anti-Arab worldview
      When Palestinians 'incite' against Israel, this is a matter for international protest, but when Safed's chief rabbi
      incites against Arabs, Israeli Jews merely roll their eyes.


      Uri Avnery March 19, 2011: A Dirty Word   


       Uri Avnery March 12, 2011: The Dwarfs- on our Leadership


      Jack Khoury, Haaretz March 9, 2011: Head to Head / Civil rights lawyer Auni Bana, is there a logic to the security at


      Tomer Zacharin Haaretz March 7, 201: High Court: Explain why Israeli Arabs discriminated against by airport security
     Court responds to petition filed by civil rights group against Shin Bet and Airports Authority, complaining that entire
     sector is tagged as generalized 'security risk'.


      Uri Avnery March 5, 2011: Wrong Side  


      Uri Avnery February 26, 2011: A Crazy Prophet  


      Uri Avnery February 19, 2011:The Genie is out of the Bottle  


      Uri Avnery February 12, 2011: Tsunami in Egypt     


       Uri Avnery, February 5, 2011: A Villa in the Jungle?  on Egypt


      Amira Hass, Haaretz, February 2, 2011: When Israel's protective net of tyranny tears
     We have not yet reached the stage in which the machinery of Israeli repression breaks up into its component parts -
      the people - who instead of obeying, begin to think.  


       Uri Avnery, January 29, 2011:The Aljazeera Scandal              


      Uri Avnery, January 22, 2011:The World is no Golem, on Medvedev


      Uri Avnery, January 15, 2011: The Crown and the Coals, on Lebanon - Israel


      Amira Hass, Haaretz January 10, 2011: Some free advice for Israel's lawmakers
     Take note: even in communist Romania, people were willing to take risks for the sake of justice.


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz, January 9, 2011: The IDF uses propaganda like an authoritarian regime
      Instead of working toward revealing the truth behind the recent death of an anti-fence demonstrator the IDF is
      reaching into its bag of lies.


       Uri Avnery, January 8, 2011: Hi Joe, on McCarthy  


       Ido Solomon, Haaretz, January 5, 2011:Survey: Employers don't want Arabs, Haredim, disabled
      The study is based on questionnaires sent to 41 major companies in high-tech, health care and ministries.
      This is considered a significant sample of employers.  


     Akiva Eldar, haaretz, January 2, 2011: Two doctoral students' journey to revive the Israeli left

      Assaf Sharon and Avner Inbar have discovered that the struggle over Sheikh Jarrah has become the way to build a
     bridge connecting Jews and Arabs

      A. Issacharoff, A. Hass and A.Pfeffer, Haaretz Jan.. 2, 2011 Palestinian dies after inhaling tear gas at Bil'in protest

      Uri  Avnery, January 1, 2011: Interim Forever!  

      Amira Hass, haaretz, January 1, 2011:
    Bil'in protester dies after exposure to tear gas shot by IDF

       Palestinian PM Fayyad also present at the weekly West Bank anti-separation wall demonstration where Jawaher Abu
      Rahmah was critically injured.

      Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 29, 2010:How much public influence does a pro-Palestinian Israeli have?

       Left-wing activist Jonathan Pollak is sentenced to three months in jail for taking part in an illegal demonstration
      against the blockade of Gaza.

      Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 29, 2010: Israel's Qassam strikes on Gaza

       Vilnai is depending on Israelis' total indifference to our Qassams: our soldiers' nearly daily firing on Gaza civilians,
      regularly wounding and sometimes killing them.

      Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 28, 2010:  ' Shin Bet tortures prisoners and denies access to lawyers'

       As many as 90% of Palestinian prisoners are denied this basic right despite civilian and military legislation, says
      study produced by Public Committee Against Torture and Palestinian Prisoners' Society.



      Gideon Levy, Haaretz,December 26, 2010: Defining Israel by what it is not

       No to Arabs, no to Jews, no to the world; no to foreigners and no to settlement freezes; no to the bomb and no to
      the peace initiatives; no to ending the siege and no to Syria. That's a frighteningly thin vocabulary - a one-word
      national dictionary.


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz,December 24, 2010: Twilight zone / The long road to treatment

       Sonia and Osama Rasras encountered many obstacles - and much help - in their campaign to get their daughter
      medical treatment. But the battle is far from ove



      Gideon Levy, Haaretz,December 23, 2010: Racism has reared its head, and the public is apathetic

       Printing more sanctimonious articles won't change the facts: Racism has reared its head, with the encouragement of
      our political leaders, and most of us are indifferent.


       Uri Avnery, December 25, 2010:  The Darkness to Expel!


      Ran HaCohen, December 19, 2010: Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise


       Uri Avnery, December 18, 2010: Ship of Fools 2

      Gideon Levy, Haaretz,December 16, 2010:The farce of a secular and democratic Jewish state


       Uri Avnery, December 11, 2010: A General Overhaul (Carmel Fire)   


       Avraham Burg, December 10, 2010: Racists are over you, O Israel!


      Uri Avnery, December 4, 2010: Islam is the Solution


      Uri Avnery, November 27, 2010: The Original Sin


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz, November 26, 2010:A tale of three cities
      A visit to the top 3 'Lonely Planet' cities in one week:
      Azmi Bishara's sister's restaurant in New York, a nightclub in Tangier and 'Sin City on the sea' - aka Tel Aviv  


      Gush Shalom weekly ad in Haaretz November 26, 2010: on Admission committees 


       Amira Hass, Haaretz, November 26, 2010:IDF generals, not just soldiers, must answer questions on human shields
      The Givati soldiers' conviction essentially handed the post of chief of staff to Yoav Galant and bestowed legal 
      immunity on political figures, in particular Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak. 


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz, November 21, 2010:Israeli press is censoring the truth away
      Many of us bow our heads in surrender and self-censorship, which is immeasurably worse than government censorship


       Uri Avnery November 20, 2010:  Who’s Laughing?

       Uri Avnery November 13, 2010: Vox Taxi – Vox Dei

      Gideon Levy Haaretz November 12, 2010: Twilight Zone / Safed, a war story  
      A campaign of racism and anti-Arab incitement is turning one of Israel's holy cities into a ticking bomb



       Ray Hanania Jerusalem Post, November 9, 2010: Yalla Peace: Can Jews live in a Palestinian state?


      Uri Avnery November 6, 2010: The Nobleman and the Horse  


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz November 5, 2010:Adding insult to injury
      A Palestinian family's olive-picking was interrupted by angry settlers, who ended up receiving the output


       Donald Macinthyre The Independent November 2, 2010: A rabbi struggles to protect his Palestinian flock
      A vandalised car, stolen ladders, irate police. It's all in a day's work for one unlikely hero. Donald Macintyre reports


       Amira Hass, Haaretz November 1, 2010: How do you translate 'innocent' into Arabic?
      Ahmed Nafe’a, a 29-year-old teacher, was jailed for nine months. The military prosecution submitted a severe
      indictment against him that was not based on proof, except for the testimony of a mentally challenged person


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz, October 31, 2010:Israel is proud to present: The aggressor-victim
      Israelis have always loved victimization, not only when we were real victims, as often was the case in our history,
       but also when we were the aggressors, occupiers and abusers.


      Uri Avnery October 30, 2010: Bread and the Circus  


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz, October 28, 2010:The rotting Safed cheese
    afed is not the main problem; the problem lies in the response from society and the government.



       Amira Hass, Haaretz October 27, 2010: Want to weaken Hamas? Open Gaza's gates


      Johnathan Lis and Jack Khoury Haaretz Oktober 27 2010: Knesset panel approves controversial bill allowing towns to
      reject residents.
    Israeli Arab MKs al-Sana and Tibi walk out on committee discussion, calling it a 'criminal law'
      aiming to prevent Arabs from joining Israeli towns.


       Hugh Naylor The National Oct 27, 2010: Israeli academics back Arab peace plan

       Amira Hass, Haaretz October 24, 2010: What led to IDF bombing house full of civilians during Gaza war?


       The order to bomb the house has been explained as the brigade commander's legitimate interpretation of drone
       photos shown in the war room.


      Uri Avnery October 23, 2010: Weimar in Jerusalem

       Gideon Levy Haaretz October 22, 2010:  Baron of manipulation 


      Uri Avnery October 16, 2010: The State of Bla-Bla-Bla  

      Isabel Kershner, NY Times October 12, 2010: In West Bank, Peace Symbol Now Signifies Struggle


       Amira Hass, Haaretz October 10, 2010: Gaza teens brave IDF fire to collect salvaged building materials


       In three months, soldiers shot and wounded 10 youths collecting building materials in expanded buffer zone.

      Gideon Levy, Haaretz October 10, 2010: Welcome to a new theocracy - The Jewish Republic of Israel
      Swearing an oath to a Jewish state will decide its fate. It is liable to turn the country into a theocracy like Saudi  


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz October 8, 2010: Twilight Zone / Straight to the heart


       Palestinians constantly sneak into Israel to find jobs paying meager wages. Some are beaten and imprisoned.
      This  week a 37-year-old father of five was shot to death


      Gideon Levy, Haaretz October 7, 2010:Nothing has changed since the Yom Kippur War


       Nothing has changed in 37 years. Israel has the same arrogant hubris and the same obstinate resistance to any
      prospect of a peace agreement.

      Uri Avnery October 7, 2010: Two fingers (Olmert)


      Amira Hass, Haaretz October 6, 2010: Israel is now punishing Palestinians shamelessly


       What is delaying treatment of a 47-year-old Palestinian woman, if not punishment of someone who opposes her
      foreign rulers?


       Amira Hass, Haaretz October 4, 2010: IDF bars Arab teen's lawyer from abuse testimony


       Military Police refuses to allow a lawyer to attend as 15-year-old Palestinian gives account of alleged attack on him
      by Israeli soldiers


      Amira Hass, Haaretz October 4, 2010: 'We were supposed to enter quietly - instead we threw grenades'


       IDF soldiers speak out about the climate of fear that overshadowed their service in the West Bank.


      Edith Lutz October 4, 2010: Sailing to Gaza (jewish boat)


      Gideon Levy October 3, 2010: A Nobel Peace Prize laureate in prison


       If the court indeed deports Mairead Corrigan-Maguire we'll know that our court system is also tainted to the teeth


      Uri Avnery October 3, 2010: His Fathers Boy (Netanyahu)


       Amira Hass, haaretz october 1, 2010: Al Aqsa intifada, 10 years later / Game theory


       The decade since the eruption of the second intifada has been a chronicle of escalating violence by both sides. But
       even chaos has its rules

       Uri Avnery September 25, 2010: Gandhi’s Wisdom


       Uri Avnery September 18, 2010: Concept and Contempt

      Uri Avnery September 11, 2010: Satan of the Details


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz,  September 5, 2010:  Like a pillar of fire
      This weekend an important Israeli will celebrate his 87th birthday. Although he is the same age as Israel's
      president, and his influence on Israel's history has not been much smaller than the latter's


       Uri Avnery September 4, 2010:Damage Control


       Yossi Sarid, Haaretz, September 3, 2010 :Fascism is already here
      If protesters didn't exist, Netanyahu, Livnat and Sa'ar would have to invent them. After all, these figures are the
      last living proof of a democratic regime in Israel.


       Uri Avnery August 28, 2010: Red and Green- on the boycott movement


       The National Jonathan Cook August 23, 2010: Israelis risk jail to smuggle Palestinians

       Uri Avnery August 21, 2010:When You Say No or: Poisonous Mushrooms


       Uri Avnery August 14, 2010: Harakiri?


       Amira Hass, Haaretz September 13, 2010: Jerusalem or Gaza - where is it worse to be Palestinian?


       Is it the isolation and insulation that Israel has imposed on Gaza, or the cynicism with which the decision makers
      continue to turn the population of East Jerusalem into welfare clients and slum dwellers, and then pride themselves
      of the national insurance payments they grant them?


       Gideon Levy, Haaretz August 8, 2010 : Missing the forest
      Does anyone actually know the meaning of the term 'Jewish state'? Wouldn't it be better to live in a just democracy? 


      Uri Avnery August 7, 2010:The Elders of Anti-Zion


       Uri Avnery July 31, 2010:All Quiet on the Eastern Front


    Haaretz 29.07.2010Israeli Arabs have no choice but to build illegally'
    Study released by the Dirasat - Arab Center for Law and Policy highlights obstacles faced by Israeli Arabs wishing to build homes; about a quarter of Arab communities have neither a local nor privatized master plan

    Haaretz 26.07.2010: What does it mean when the Shin Bet calls you up for a 'chat'?
    The Shin Bet's tendency to call in citizens to discuss their political activity has ACRI concerned. The Attorney General's office says the service wants to keep innocent people from being exploited.

    Haaretz 26.07.2010: Limor Shmuel Friedman Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, do you still have hope after the IDF killed your daughters and niece in Gaza?On January 16, 2009 three of his daughters, Bessan (20 ), Mayar (15 ) and Aya (13 ), and his niece, Noor (17 ) were killed by an Israel Defense Forces shell fired directly into their bedroom.

    Haaretz 21.07.2010: IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it military zone
    Since 1967, Israel has prevented the growth of Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley by cutting off their water supply or declaring large areas as live fire zones

    Haaretz 19.07.2010: New egg quotas target Arab farmers in wake of court suit, but set strict criteria
    Agriculture Ministry informed the High Court of Justice that it will be creating a new subsidy quota for Arab egg farmers - at least 4 million eggs, for another 16 new farmers at least.

    Haaretz 19.07.2010: State eyes 'legal' takeover of abandoned East Jerusalem properties
    Pending court approval, government could assume control over properties of people who moved to enemy states during the War of Independence, as well as structures that belong to people now residing in the territories

    Haaretz 19.07.2010: Akiva Eldar I refuse to declare loyalty to a Jewish democratic state

    Haaretz 15.07.2010: Gideon Levy Tricky Bibi
    Israel has had many rightist leaders since Menachem Begin promised "many Elon Morehs," but there has never been one like Netanyahu, who wants to do it by deceit.


    Uri Avnery 17.07.2010: A Parliamentary Mob

    Haaretz 14.07.2010: Gideon Levy Netanyahu is mocking America and leading us astra
    Israel has had many rightist leaders since Menachem Begin promised "many Elon Morehs," but there has never been one like Netanyahu, who wants to do it by deceit.

    Haaretz 14.07.2010: Israel's lawmakers are endangering our democracy
    Tuesday's Knesset decision to revoke three key parliamentary privileges from Balad MK Hanin Zuabi is cause for concern.

    Haaretz 14.07.2010: U.S.: Israel's East Jerusalem demolitions pose obstacle to peace
    U.S. State Department criticizes Israel's recent demolition of three Palestinian homes, saying 'it undermines trust.'

    The New York Times 08.07.2010 NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: In Israel, the Noble vs. The Ugly (Rabbis for Human Rights)



    Haaretz 11.07.2010:Gideon Levy Israel prefers real estate to peace


    Uri Avnery 10. July 2010: Two Sit Ins


    Uri Avnery 3. July 2010: A Broomstick Can Shoot


    Jerusalem Post 01. July 2010: Larry Derfner Rattling the Cage: Israelis don’t want peace


    Haaretz 30.06.2010:'Israel's plan to raze E. Jerusalem homes is an obstacle to peace'

    EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton says 'settlements and demolitions of homes are illegal under international law.'


    Haaretz 29.06.2010: Gideon Levy The scarecrow There is a long tradition of frightening people over the release of terrorists. The suggestion of talking to the Palestine Liberation Organization was once an especially frightening scarecrow, as was the establishment of a Palestinian state.


    Haaretz 28.06.2010:Jerusalem master plan: Expansion of Jewish enclaves across the city
    The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee is set to approve a master plan that calls for the expansion of Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

    Haaretz 27.06.2010:Amira HassThe invisible Israelis


    Uri Avnery 26.06.2010: Shalit, For Example

    Haaretz 22.06.2010:The silent expulsion of Jerusalem's Palestinians

    Haaretz 22.06.2010:UNRWA: Israel's Gaza blockade became a blockade against the UN
    UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees calls on Israel to fully lift the blockade on Gaza.

    Haaretz 22.06.2010:Amira Hass Pierre Dorbes of the Red Cross, has Hamas agreed to anything you asked for regarding Gilad Shalit?

    Haaretz 22.06.2010:Amira Hass / Easing of siege may have negligible effect on Gaza
    'During the past three years I lost all that my father managed to build in 50 years, this is the story of all Gazans.'

    Haaretz 22.06.2010:After 8 years, why hasn't Israel responded to the Arab peace initiative?
    Few Israelis know what is written in the first pan-Arabic and pan-Islamic document that proposes recognizing Israel and exchanging hostile relations for normalization.

    Haaretz 21.06.2010:Amira Hass Who will be punished for killing civilians in the Gaza war?

    Uri Avnery 19.06.2010: A Flash of Lightning


    Haaretz 16.06.2010:Amira Hass Report: Israel Police shot Palestinian instead of arresting him
    East Jerusalem man who ran over Border Police officers was reportedly shot twice in the face from close range while lying on the ground

    Haaretz 16.06.2010:Aluf Benn No constitution is better than a racist one
    A constitution that decides fundamental questions of national identity will cause internal divisions, especially in the current political climate, in which the right is trying to crush the Arab community's power

    Haaretz 16.06.2010: Ben-Gurion airport, a hub for Israel's ethnocentric panic
    It is hard to convince the Jewish public in Israel that what happens at Ben-Gurion International Airport is a systematic injustice, if not worse. The ethnocentric panic undermines the principle of civil equality.

    Haaretz 14.06.2010: B'Tselem: 83 Palestinians, Israeli Arabs killed in Gaza, West Bank since Cast Lead
    Of the dead, 31 did not participate in hostilities, nine were killed by Palestinian security forces and two were executed for allegedly collaborating with Israel, the report said.

    Haaretz 14.06.2010: Amira Hass / Beatings, arrests, nighttime raids and dubious indictments
    Israel detains Palestinian children in the middle of the night, holds them in conditions of fear and pain before their interrogations, and interrogates them without the presence of their parents or a lawyer


     Uri Avnery 12.06.2010:Who is Afraid of a real Inquiry?


    Haaretz 11.06.2010:Zeev Sternhell Time to pay the bill
    The flotilla affair would not have developed into such an unprecedented crisis were it not the last link in a long chain of failures and acts of folly. These cast a heavy shadow - one that's getting longer - on Israel's status as a responsible and level-headed power

    Haaretz 10.06.2010:  Gideon Levy Bernard-Henri Levy, you are disinformed

    Haaretz 10.06.2010: Carlo Strenger Strenger than Fiction / Israel's bunker mentality
    Israel is stuck in the belief that it is right, and everybody else is wrong and hence incapable of admitting that its policy vis-à-vis the Palestinians has been disastrous.

    Haaretz 09.06.2010:Amira Hass Gaza's isolation is not by cement alone


      Uri Avnery 06.06.2010:  “The Government Is Drowning Us All” Uri Avnery attacked by rightist thugs  


     Uri Avnery 05.06.2010: Kill a Turk and Rest (on Gaza Flotilla)

    Haaretz 31.05.2010: Gideon Levy Gaza flotilla drives Israel into a sea of stupidity

    Haaretz 31.05.2010: Zvi Bar'el Racist bill exposes the true face of Israel

    Haaretz 31.05.2010:Yitzhak Laor Political Israel does not understand the new world


      Uri Avnery May 29, 2010: A Day in November (on Rahm Emanuel)

    Haaretz 27.05.2010: Gideon LevyIf Israel is democratic, why not elect an Arab PM?

    Haaretz 27.05.2010:Amnesty: U.S. and Europe shielding Israel from accountability for Gaza war crimes
    In its annual report, the rights group accuses Israel of continually violating human rights in Gaza with its


    Haaretz 27.05.2010: Gideon Levy Bibi or Tibi (israeli democracy)



    Haaretz 25.05.2010:Study paints bleak picture of Jewish-Arab ties in Israel
    Almost half of Arabs surveyed dissatisfied with life in Israel, report to Knesset shows, warning deteriorating inter-ethnic relations threaten to break the relative calm


      Uri Avnery 22.5.10: Hallelujah, the World is Against Us! (on Chomsky incident)

    Haaretz 20.05.2010:Gideon LevyIsrael is becoming more and more like North Korea

    Haaretz 20.05.2010:Following Haaretz report: Arabs to resume Museum of Tolerance battle'
    Arab groups vow to step up opposition to construction on site of 1,000-year-old Muslim cemetery.

    Haaretz 18.05.2010:Museum of Tolerance Special Report / Introduction: Tolerance takes its toll
    Haaretz reveals evidence of a highly dubious, five-month rescue excavation that took place secretly on the site of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, plus other previously unknown details.

    Haaretz 18.05.2010:Museum of Tolerance Special Report / Part I: Holes, Holiness and Hollywood
    On the connection between the esteemed California-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, run by one of America’s most famous rabbis, an enterprising Jerusalem contractor and the feverish excavation at what was then probably Israel’s most secret civilian building site.

    Haaretz 18.05.2010:Museum of Tolerance Special Report / Part II: Secrets from the grave
    Round-the-clock work, long shifts and unprecedented security characterized the five-month excavation of the cemetery on the museum site, where sources say more than 1,000 skeletons were unearthed.

    Haaretz 17.05.2010:Gideon LevyHow can Israel the boycotters cry about being boycotted?

    Haaretz 17.05.2010:Special Place in Hell / If the secret police ran a Jewish state
    If the secret police ran the Jewish state, any and every move could be explained in two words and never more than two. Security reasons.

    Haaretz 18.05.2010:Haaretz EditorialIsrael should apologize for banning Noam Chomsky

    Haaretz 17.05.2010:After denied entry to West Bank, Chomsky likens Israel to 'Stalinist regime'


     Uri Avnery 15.05. 2010: A Black Hole  (on the new left)


    Haaretz 12.05.2010: Yitzhak laor Israelis' state of denial over treatment of Palestinians


    Haaretz 12.05.2010:MK Mohammed Barakeh, do you really believe Israel is a fascist regime?
    Hadash party chairman: There is no horizon of peace, there is no horizon of equality and there is no horizon of democracy.

    Haaretz 10.05.2010:Israeli Arabs plan massive rally to protest 'political persecution by security officials'
    The protest comes after measures taken by security officials in recent weeks that led Arab
     advocacy groups to contact human rights groups abroad and diplomats in Israel

    Haaretz 10.05.2010:IAmira Hass / What do an outpost, a Palestinian child and a pacifist have in common?
    Yaron Kostelitz, the lawyer for Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, has represented the settlers of Amona 
    and served as the military prosecutor against refuseniks

    Haaretz 10.05.2010:Israel tourism ads wipe Palestinians off the map
    If Israel supports a two-state solution, it can start by redrawing official maps that ignore internationally recognized borders and major Palestinian towns


     Uri Avnery 08.05.2010: A Fantasy (Mearsheimer) 

   10.05.2010: Ran Hacohen from two states to one


    Haaretz 06.05.2010:Peace Now: Construction for largest East Jerusalem settlement has begun

    Anti-settlement group says renovations within former police tation did not require municipal building permits -
     official approval that could torpedo the new peace negotiations.


    Haaretz 06.05.2010 Peace Now's settlement watchdog
    Once a week, Hagit Ofran − granddaughter of the late Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz −
    tours the West Bank as head of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project.
    Israel's policy in the territories, she says, is putting us all at risk. By Gitit Ginat


    Haaretz 06.05.2010:Amira Hass / Why can't Palestinians import coriander?
    In its response to a freedom-of-information suit last week, the state admitted that there is specific list of goods permissible for import to Strip.

    Haaretz 05.05.2010: Gideon LevyWith friends like Elie Wiesel, who needs enemies?



    Haaretz 02.05.2010Comment / A surgical strike on Israel's wallet could end the occupation


    Haaretz 02.05.2010:Gideon Levy / Covert secular discrimination is worse than the blatant religious kind


    Haaretz 02.05.2010:3,000 European Jewish intellectuals urge end to Israeli settlements
     JCall, a new leftist Jewish group, describes itself as 'the European J Street.'


    Haaretz 02.05.2010:Yossi Sarid / Even Israel's biggest lovers are growing impatient
     No one can accuse the 3,000 European Jewish intellectuals of being Israel-haters or self-hating Jews


     Uri Avnery 01.05.2010: A Cloud over Jerusalem  


    Haaretz 29.04.2010: Gideon Levy / Israel's tyranny of the majority is dangerous
    Though Anat Kamm won't be executed, Israel's democratic government has already been put on trial

    Haaretz 28.04.2010: Sarkozy: Netanyahu's foot-dragging on peace process is unacceptable


      Uri Avnery 24.4.2010: In the Name of Zionism

     Uri Avnery 17.04.2010:A Birthday Present (on Independence day)


    the star 17.04.2010: Palestinian doctor spreads message of life, death and peace
    Israeli shells killed three of his daughters, but a Palestinian father refuses to hate


    Haaretz 14.04.2010: No-one saw, no-one heard: 300 Palestinian olive trees uprooted

    Haaretz 14.04.2010: Gideon Levy / If it were up to the Israeli people, Anat Kamm would be executed

    Haaretz 12.04.2010: Editorial / IDF bid to expel West Bank Palestinians is step too far
    Unprecedented order liable to give world clear-cut proof Israel's aim is mass deportation of Palestinians.

    Haaretz 11.04.2010, Amira Hass: IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

    Haaretz 11.04.2010 Gideon Levy / If you were Anat Kam


      Uri Avnery 10.4.2010: The Big Gamble (on Fayyad)


    Haaretz 28.03.2010: Gideon Levy / Israel should thank Obama for acting like a friend

    Uri Avnery 27.03.2010:   On The Road To Canossa


    Haaretz 26.03.2010: Amira Hass / Palestinians are waiting


     Haaretz 26.03.2010: Israeli West Bank food company fakes address for EU markets
    European court ruled last month that products from settlements don't qualify for tax-exempt status


    J. Khoury and D.Weiler-Polak, Haaretz 23.3.2010: Current Knesset is the most racist in Israeli history'  New report: Number of proposed laws that discriminate against Arabs reached an all-time high in 2010- The current Knesset is the most racist Israeli parliament since the country's founding, according to a report published Sunday by the Coalition Against Racism and the Mossawa Center, which works to promote equality for the Palestinian citizens of Israel. ...


    Justin Raimondo, 23.3. 2010, Antiwar: Stop funding the israelis


     The Guardian comment 23.03.2010:
    Assassinating Hamas won't work: Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders is misguided – it should be talking to them instead

    Haaretz 23.03.2010:Study: $17 billion spent on settlement infrastructure
    Israeli settlements in the West Bank encompass 12 million square meters of roads, homes and factories


    Haaretz 22.03.2010:Gideon Levy / Netanyahu did one thing right in the Jerusalem debacle


    Haaretz 22.03.2010:Akiva Eldar / Jewish politicians are taking Jerusalem's name in vain
    Israel continues to be the only country in the world in which no other country recognizes its capital.

    Gideon Levy Haaretz 14.03.2010:Gideon Levy / Israel's Arabs have been misbehaving lately

    Uri Avnery 20.03.2010:The Doomsday Weapon

    Haaretz 12.03.2010:UN chief warns of humanitarian disaster if Gaza siege continues
    John Holmes calls on Israel, Egypt to end Gaza blockade, says siege doesn't weaken Hamas


    Uri Avnery 13.03.2010:A matter of timing


    Haaretz 11.03.2010:Yossi Sarid / The Obama administration asked for the East Jerusalem fiasco
    Far from being a technical mishap, this week's East Jerusalem debacle was typical Israeli clockwork chaos


    Haaretz 11.03.2010: Israel planning 50,000 housing units in East Jerusalem


    Haaretz 11.03.2010:Gideon Levy / Thank you, Eli Yishai, for exposing the peace process masquerade


    BBC News 09.03.2010: Families fight 'racist' Israeli citizenship law


    Haaretz 08.03.2010:Young Israeli Arab leader: We welcome peaceful revolution
    My problem is with how the Israeli political system uses scare tactics to blind people to the truth


    Haaretz 07.03.2010:Gideon Levy / There has never been an Israeli peace camp


    London Review of Books 05-03-2010: Diary on Israeli Journalism

    Haaretz 03.03.2010:
    Amira Hass / How the next Palestinian uprising will look
    Main challenge initiators of the next uprising will face is preventing its descent into an armed struggle


    Haaretz 01.03.2010:Gideon Levy / A heritage covered up


    Haaretz 01.03.2010:Akiva Eldar / No country would accept Netanyahu's conditions for peace
    Refusal to freeze settlements and resume talks exposes PM's Bar-Ilan promises as a ruse.


    Haaretz 01.03.2010:Amira Hass / 39 raids, 28 arrests: Another day in the West Bank
    In 2009 Israelis enjoyed unprecedented security as Palestinians suffered more settler violence than ever


    Uri Avnery 27.02.2010: White Lie


    Electronic Intifada 22.02. 2010: Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births


    Uri Avnery 20.02.2010: Dubious in Dubai

    Electronic Intifada 15 02. 2010: Defending Palestinian children: An interview with Rifat Kassis Adri Nieuwhof


    Uri Avnery 13.2.10: A Stink Bomb

    Counterbunch Jonathan Cook 12.02.2010: Army Used to Deport Anti-Wall Activists Israel's War on Protest

    Haaretz 15.02.10:Amira Hass / A Palestinian arrest so ridiculous even the Israeli judges smiled

    Counterbunch Jonathan Cook 09.02.2010: High Price Tag for Settlers' Eviction Jerusalem Mayor to Raze 200 Palestinian Homes

    Haaretz 05.02.10: Palestinians, Israelis propose plan for mixed Jerusalem neighborhood

    Haaretz 05.02.10: Pilot who refused to bomb Palestinian targets gets 'golden wings'
    Brig. Gen (res.) Iftach Spector was forced out of IAF in 2003 for claiming bombings were immoral

    Haaretz 04.02.10 Gideon Levy: The message is clear: Israel must not strike Iran

    Haaretz 31.01.10 Gideon Levy: Israeli left needs to wake up before it's too late

    Haaretz 28.01.10: Author David Grossman: Settlers abuse Palestinians
    Grossman, 300 activists participate in weekly protest against Jewish takeover of East Jerusalem

    Haaretz 28.01.10: Gideon Levy / Holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda
    A thousand speeches against anti-Semitism will not extinguish the flames ignited by the war in Gaza

    Haaretz 26.01.10: Akiva Eldar / Only an idiot would say Israel has frozen settlement activity
    'The PM's favorite move of throwing the ball into the Palestinians' court stopped working with the Americans

    Haaretz 26.01.10: Haaretz probe: Israel dismantling roadblocks, but Palestinians still can't move
    Haaretz learns that new 'unmanned' roadblocks in West Bank are no less restraining than those removed


    Uri Avnery 23.01.2010: The Liebarak


    Uri Avnery 22.01.2010: “Thieves  Go Home – Sheikh Jarakh is Palestine!”


    Amira Hass, Haaretz 20.01.2010:Israel withholding NGO employees' work permits


    Aletho News 18.01.2010: Gaza flooded after Israel opens dam gates


     Akiva Eldar, Haaretz 18.01.2010: Israel's compassion in Haiti can't hide our ugly face in Gaza

    Uri Avnery 16.01.2010:   “Kill Another Turk…”


    Paltelegraph 09.01.2010:  Charges of Palestinian Child torture in Israeli prisons

    Uri Avnery 09.01.2010: The Quiet American


    Gideon Levy, Haaretz 10.01.2009: Only psychiatrists can explain Israel's behavior  


    LYNDA BRAYER, Counterpunch 04.01.2010: Bombing Gaza Revenge and Retaliation By


    Uri Avnery 02.01.2010:The Iron Wall


    Uri Avnery 02.01.2010: “The Blockade is Terrorism!” , Speech Tel Aviv


    Uri Avnery 26.12.2009: Cast Lead 2


    Al-Ahram 24-30. 12. 2009: Total racism, total war

    On the first anniversary of Israel's war on Gaza, shocking revelations are appearing on the methods and reasoning
    behind the war, writes Saleh Al-Naami


    Uri Avnery 19.12.2009: Obama Speech Nobel


    Uri Avnery 05.12.2009: on German relations


    Haaretz 04.12.2009:Yossi Sarid / If settlers are our brothers, I have no brother


    Haaretz 29.11.2009:Gideon Levy: We're lying to ourselves about our united Jerusalem


    Uri Avnery 28.11.09: “…And A Little Child Shall Lead Them”  


    Haaretz 25.11.2009: Gideon Levy / Why can we talk to Hamas about Shalit, but not peace?

    Haaretz 25.11.2009: Rights group cries selective justice: Damage to Palestinian olive groves not prosecuted
    Yesh Din has reported dozens of incidents in which hundreds of West Bank trees were damaged

    Uri Avnery 21.11.09: Federation? Why Not?


    Haaretz 20.11.2009: Israel building Jewish homes with one hand, destroying Arab homes with the other


    Haaretz 18.12.2009:Arab filmmaker wins prize, Israel airline security nabs it
    Sun D'Or returns statuette to Sahera Dirbas, 35 days after her film scored top points in Barcelona.

    Haaretz 18.12.2009:Comment / Israel must not forget the price of nuclear war
    Israel's image as having nuclear arms makes it easier for states like Iran to make progress in that respect

    Haaretz 15.12.2009:
    Akiva Eldar / U.S. tax dollars fund rabbi who excused killing gentile babies
    The White House can blame itself the next time Israeli settlers torch a mosque near Nablus

    Haaretz 14.12.2009:Lightrail through Arab towns pushed aside for Carmiel railway
    A plan for a light rail that would connect Arab towns in the Galilee to Acre and Carmiel was scrapped by the transportation minister and the minister for the development of the Negev and Galilee, Haaretz has learned.
    Instead, the ministers are seeing an ordinary train line operated by Israel Railways, which would not make a single stop in important Arab areas.

    Haaretz 14.12.2009: Gideon Levy / Netanyahu should admit Israel doesn't want peace

    Haaretz 14.12.2009:Jewish town won't let Arab build home on his own land
    Man has been fighting for a council building permit for 12 years and was promised another '30 year wait.'


    Uri Avnery 12.12.2009: spot the difference

    Haaretz 04.12.2009:Yossi Sarid / If settlers are our brothers, I have no brother

    Haaretz 29.11.2009:Gideon Levy: We're lying to ourselves about our united Jerusalem

    Haaretz 25.11.2009: Gideon Levy / Why can we talk to Hamas about Shalit, but not peace?

    Haaretz 25.11.2009: Rights group cries selective justice: Damage to Palestinian olive groves not prosecuted
    Yesh Din has reported dozens of incidents in which hundreds of West Bank trees were damaged

    Haaretz 20.11.2009: Israel building Jewish homes with one hand, destroying Arab homes with the other

    Haaretz 16.11.2009: Yitzhak Laor: Why the left in Israel has vanished

    Haaretz 16.11.2009:  Amira Hass Protesters: IDF used .22-caliber ammo at West Bank fence


    Haaretz 16.11.2009: Yitzhak Laor: Why the left in Israel has vanished

    Haaretz 16.11.2009:  Amira Hass Protesters: IDF used .22-caliber ammo at West Bank fence

    Haaretz 16.11.2009: Another Jewish town adds 'Zionist loyalty' to bylaws
    Resident of the northern town of Misgav says the law is 'solely to prevent Arab citizens from living here.

    Haaretz 03.06.2009:Second Galilee town considering 'Zionist values' bylaws

    Haaretz 02.06.2009:Galilee community admits only supporters of Zionism


    Uri Avnery 14.11.2009: Scoundrel With Permission


    Haaretz 09.11.2009:French FM: It seems Israel no longer wants peace
    France reiterates opposition to settlement construction, as Netanyahu set to meet President Sarkozy

    Haaretz 09.11.2009: Study: Israeli employers prefer not to hire Arabs
    Study shows that Arabs, Ethiopian and Haredis holding undergrad degree still have difficulty finding work

    Haaretz 08.11.2009: Comment / Israel's apartheid is worse than South Africa's

    Uri Avnery 07.11.09:A Line in the Sand- Resignation                                 


    Haaretz 05.11.2009: Gideon Levy The doomsday weapon

    Haaretz 02.11.2009: Israeli Arabs accuse ethnic cleansing

    Haaretz 02.11.2009: Tel Aviv councilman accuses city of 'erasing Arab memory'
    Councilman resigned in protest after city names new street in Jaffa after Jewish couple.

    Haaretz 02.11.2009:Avi Issacharoff / Would Israel arrest a Jewish terrorist with only Arab victims?
    Statistics show Israeli law enforcement is lax when it concerns violence against Palestinians

    Haaretz 02.11.2009:Gideon Levy / Settlements are fertile ground for Jewish terror
    Had Teitel been satisfied with acts of murder against Palestinians, he would never have been caught

    Haaretz 02.11.2009: Gideon Levy: US, stop sucking up


    Uri Avnery 24.10.09: Investigation, “Where Have All the Friendships Gone…”             


    Btselem 22.10.2009:Freedeom of movement, ruling

    Uri Avnery 17.10.09: The Slippery Slope, Abu Mazen


    Haaretz 16.10.2009:  Gideon levy: The Golda wars


    Haaretz 16.10.2009:UN body okays Goldstone Gaza report accusing Israel of war crimes
    France tried to delay the vote in order to lobby EU states to join Israel in opposing Goldstone Report

    Haaretz 16.10.2009:Israel reneges on pledge to Obama, steps up settlement building
    Widespread building activity commenced three weeks ago in at least 12 West Bank settlements.

    Haaretz 13.10.2009:Israel sees court rulings on Palestinian land as mere 'recommendations'
    Supreme Court rebukes state for failing to carry out order to move route of West Bank separation fence

    Haaretz 12.10.2009: 12th graders tell Netanyahu: We refuse to serve in IDF

    Haaretz 12.10.2009: Uri Avnery Shalit wasn't kidnapped

    Uri Avnery 10.10.2009: The other Israel-Nobel Prize

    Haaretz 08.10.2009, Gideon Levy :Only gall and nothing more

    Adam Keller 07.10.2009: East Jerusalem, who is inciter here?

    The Guardian, Antony Lerman 5.10.2009:self hating jew antisemitism


    Uri Avnery 03.10.2009: A Story of Betrayal- Gilad Shalit


    Haaretz 01.10.2009:Gideon Levy / Goldstone's Gaza probe did Israel a favor
    It's a pity Israel waited for Goldstone to probe Gaza war, a pity we take a hard look at ourselves only when personal harm looms

    Haaretz 01.10.2009:Report: Shin Bet foot-dragging keeping Gazans from doctors visits
    Israeli rights group says over one-third of Gazans who applied for treatment missed doctors appointments

    Haaretz 30.09.2009:Goldstone: Israel intentionally targeted Gaza civilian sites
    Netanyahu: Trying war crimes alleged in Goldstone report in Hague would cripple peace efforts

    Haaretz 30.09.2009:PA pushing for UN to act on Goldstone 'war crime' findingss
    Israel and U.S. are furious with initiative over Gaza war, are seeking to recruit EU to help foil it


    Uri Avnery 26.09.2009: The Drama and the Farce Summit Obama, Netanyahu, Abbas)   


    Haaretz 24.09.2009: Levy / Obama, you won't make peace without talking to Hamas

    Uri Avnery19.09.2009:UM-Shmum, UM-Boom Goldstone UN report                   


    Gush Shalom/ Haaretz Ad 18.09.2009: On the UN Report

    Haaretz 17.9.2009:Amira Hass / The one thing worse than denying the Gaza report
    Politicians will justifiably note that the U.S. does not have commissions of inquiry thrust upon it by the UN.

    Haaretz 16.9.2009: Israel readies for diplomatic war over 'biased' UN Gaza report
    Israel seeking to prevent report from being brought before International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    Haaretz 16.9.2009: 'UN report accusing Israel of war crimes is prize for terror'
    Aides to Defense Minister Ehud Barak said equating terror groups and their victims is 'unconscionable'.

    Uri Avnery 12.09.2009: Wobbly Stools (Obama-netanyahu-Abbas)


    Haaretz 9.9.2009:Amira Hass: Norway's boycott must not stop with Elbit

    Haaretz 9.9.2009:Israel authorizes building in another East Jerusalem neighborhood
    Despite U.S. demands, ILA publishes tenders for construction of 486 apartments in Pisgat Ze'ev

    Haaretz 9.9.2009:'Most Gazans killed in war were civilians'
    B'Tselem report: 1,387 Palestinians were killed in Operation Cast Lead, 773 of them noncombatants

    Haaretz 8.9.2009:Amira Hass / How does Israel decide who gets a visa to Ramallah?
    Some visiting scholars received regular visas, while others receive 'Palestinian Authority only' stamps

    Haaretz 8.9.2009 Haredi town planned where Arab construction banned


    Uri Avnery 05.09.2009: The Boycott Revisited


    Haaretz 03.09.2009: Norway divests from Israel defense firm over ties to West Bank fence
    Elbit manufactures the monitoring system installed on several parts of the West Bank separation fence

    Haaretz 03.09.2009: A prime minister stands accused  A grave indictment against a prime minister. The start of proceedings in the trial of a president. Two ministers entering prison to serve multiyear sentences. In one week, within a three-day period, corruption among the highest echelons of Israeli politics has coalesced into an especially thick puddle of sewage.

    Haaretz 03.09.2009: Gideon Levy / Ethiopian students affair shows prevalent racism in Israel
    When the children of Petah Tikva have all found schools to attend, society will not stop being racist

    Haaretz 02.09.2009: Amira Hass / Outcry over violence in Israel ignoring occupation
    Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are partners in the mission of demarcating and taming Palestinian society

    Uri Avnery 29.8.09: Tutu’s Prayer


    Haaretz 27.08.2009: ANALYSIS / Israeli academics must pay price to end occupation

    Haaretz 27.08.2009: Blair concerned Israel damaging major PA economic project 

    Haaretz 27.08.2009: Gideon Levy / Swedish article on organ harvesting was cheap, harmful journalism



    Haaretz 19.08.2009:Amira Hass / Why is Israel limiting movement of Palestinian-Canadian businessman?

    Haaretz 18.08.2009:Israel wrecked Arafat, crowned Hamas, and gave birth to Al-Qaida in Gaza

    Haaretz 18.08.2009: Sweden newspaper: Israel kills Palestinians, harvests their organs
    Report ties claims to New Jersey crime syndicate, prompts accusations of anti-Semitism from rival newspaper.


    Haaretz 16.08.2009: Yossi Sarid / Nothing in Israel to be proud of anymore


    Haaretzz 16.08.2009: Gideon Levy: IDF bans hazing, but permits killing Palestinians

    Uri Avnery 15.08.2009: whose Acre?
 , Amos Gvirtz 11.08.2009: FOOL THAT I AM

    Haaretz 13.08.2009: Amira Hass Israel toughens entry for foreigners with West Bank ties


    Uri Avnery 08.08.2009:On Amos Kenan


    Haaretz 06.08.2009: Gideon Levy From Sheikh Jarrah to Sheikh Munis


    Haaretz 03.08.2009: Knesset Speaker: Establishment of Israel caused Arabs real trauma


    Uri Avnery 01.08.2009:A Jeremiad


    Uri Avnery 26.07.2009: Yes, You Can!


    The economist 24.07.2009, John Mearsheimer:Obama wants to be an honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians

    Haaretz 22.07.2009, Amira Hass:The IDF price tag


    The Palestine Chronicle 21.07.2009:Twitterers Paid to Spread Israeli Propaganda


    Haaretz 19.07.2009: U.S tells Israel to halt East Jerusalem building'
    Oren: Jerusalem cannot be likened to settlements; PA fears U.S. will relent on West Bank building


    Gideon Levy Haaretz 19.07.2009:Gideon Levy / Israelis don't pay price for injustice of occupation
    Israelis can enjoy themselves and also play the victim, party and gripe. Where else is there a place like this?


    Uri Avnery 18.07.2009: Breaking the Silence


    Haaretz 12.07.2009: Gideon Levy: Livni must wake up if she wants to end the occupation


    Free Gaza 11.07.2009:Interview Cynthia McKinney, Video of Israeli Navy threatening and getting ready to board

    Uri Avnery 11.07.2009: Matter of the Heart

    Gush Shalom weekly Ad Juloy 10: on Lieberman


    Haaretz 08.07.2009: UN: Israel must tear down West Bank fence
    The United Nations demanded Wednesday that Israel implement a five-year-old ruling of its International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague that deemed most of the West Bank separation fence illegal.
    The fence severely restricts the movement of tens of thousands of Palestinians, the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) told a news conference in Jerusalem, marking the fifth anniversary of the ICJ advisory opinion. Some 85 per cent of it was built inside the West Bank, and not on the Green Line.

    Haaretz 03.07.2009:UN expert: Israeli seizure of Gaza-bound aid ship is 'criminal'

    Haaretz 03.07.2009: A generation of Israeli Arabs nurtured on Jewish chutzpah
     Lucy Aharish represents a new crowd of young Arabs who hold visible positions in the country's media

    Haaretz 02.07.2009: Housing Minister: Spread of Arab population must be stopped  
    Housing Minister Ariel Atias on Thursday warned against the spread of Arab population into various parts of Israel,
    saying that preventing this phenomenon was no less than a national responsibility.

    Haaretz 01.07.2009: Amnesty: Israel, Hamas both guilty of war crimes in Gaza fighting
    In first in-depth report into winter campaign, human rights group says 'disturbing questions remain.'
    Amnesty International has accused both Israel and Hamas of committing war crimes during the fighting in the
     Gaza Strip earlier this year, in its first in-depth human rights report on the recent offensive.
    The group charged that the Israel Defense Forces killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands
     of Gaza Strip homes in attacks that amounted to war crimes, and denounced Hamas for firing rockets into civilian 
    areas of southern Israel....

    Haaretz 01.07.2009:Jews and Muslims unite against Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance 
    ....The museum, which is being built in Jerusalem's Mamilla neighborhood by the Wiesenthal Center,
    occupies a site that served for hundreds of years as a Muslim cemetery...

    Haaretz 01.07.2009:PA: Israel plans to expropriate another 2% of West Bank land

    Haaretz 01.07.2009: Avirama Golan: Israel now racist not only toward Arabs, but toward all non-Jews

    Haaretz 29.06.2009: Yitzhak Laor / Crocodile tears

    Haaretz 29.06.2009: Red Cross: Israel trapping 1.5m Gazans in despair
    Organization says Israel-led blockade 'strangling' economy, preventing reconstruction efforts.


    Haaretz 28.06.2009: Gideon Levy: Settlements policy has made Netanyahu into a laughing stock

    Uri Avnery 27.06.2009:  Between Tel Aviv and Tehran    

    Haaretz 24.06.2009: Israel removes dozens of West Bank roadblocks

    Haaretz 24.06.2009: Rights group: Israeli binding practices constitute torture
    Damning report argues IDF, Shin Bet, binds Palestinian detainees in way designed to dehumanize them

    Haaretz 23.06.2009: OPINION / Palestinians were made to pay an unfair price
    Palestinians were right to object to the partition resolution despite its justice, not because of its injustice

    Haaretz 22.06.2009: Israeli woman denied social benefits for visiting Palestinian husband


    Haaretz 15.06.2009:Carter: Netanyahu speech created new obstacles to peace

    Haaretz 15.06.2009: EU postpones upgrading ties with Israel
    Netanyahu's support for settlements, conditions set on Palestinian state given as reasons for delay

    Haaretz 15.06.2009: A friendly tip from Abu Mazen

    Haaretz 15.06.2009: Full text of Netanyahu's foreign policy speech at Bar Ilan

    Haaretz 15.06.2009: Gideon Levy / Why Netanyahu speech gives us cause for joy'
    At Bar Ilan on Sunday, another small brick was removed from the barricades of the occupation

    Haaretz 15.06.2009: Netanyahu, Mideast peace and a return to the Axis of Evil
    Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a patriarchal, colonialist address in the best neoconservative tradition.

    Haaretz 08.06.2009: Chabad rabbi: Kill Arabs if needed


    Haaretz 08.06.2009:See no evil: Prosecution drops all charges against settler filmed shooting Palestinians in Hebron

    Haaretz 08.06.2009:Shfaram calls strike after 12 charged with lynching Jewish terrorist

    Haaretz 08.06.2009:Our aggressive democracy (Arabs - Russian)

    Haaretz 07.06.2009:Gideon Levy: Settlers contribute nothing to Israeli society


    Haaretz 05.06.2009:Gideon Levy / Obama emerged in Cairo as a true friend of Israel
    Our leaders have never looked as pathetic as they did Thursday, after Obama's speech in Cairo

    Haaretz 05.06.2009:Galilee Jews panic at idea of Arabs moving into their towns
    Galilee communities: We're not racist, we just don't want Arabs

    Haaretz 05.06.2009:UN investigator 'shocked' by scale of destruction in Gaza

    3.06.2009 Hamas Letter to Obama


    Haaretz 03.06.2009:World Bank: Aid isn't enough to spark Palestinian growth
    Report blames Israeli restrictions on Palestinian trade and movement for ineffectiveness of aid

    Haaretz 03.06.2009:Shulamit Aloni / Israel is controlled by religious fanaticism
    Netanyahu and Lieberman are eradicating everything we dreamed about and fought for

    Haaretz 03.06.2009:Gideon Levy / Future of Mideast is a domestic American issue
    An Israeli PM has no option of saying no to the United States once Washington has dug in its heels


    Uri Avnery 30.05.2009: “Racist for Democracy”


    Haaretz 28.05.2009: Amnesty: Israel repeatedly violated rules of war in Gaza
    New report accuses Israel of attacking civilians, strangling economic life in Gaza

     Haaretz 28.05.2009:Israel rebuffs U.S. call for total settlement freeze
    Clinton calls for halt to all settlement construction - including their natural growth

    Haaretz 27.05.2009:Knesset okays initial bill to outlaw denial of 'Jewish state'

    Uri Avnery 23.05.2009: Calm Voice, Big Stick - Netanyahu Obama

    Haaretz 21.05.2009: One capital for two peoples

    Haaretz 18.05.2009:Israel begins new settlement, despite U.S. opposition
    Contractors begin construction of 20 homes in Maskiot, first Jordan Valley settlement in 26 years.
    The move comes on the eve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, despite Western calls for Israel to halt its settlement activity....

    Haaretz 18.05.2009:Nadav Shragai: Israel must populate its mixed Arab-Jewish towns with more Jews

    Haaretz 18.05.2009:Peace Now: 'Natural growth' - Israel's trick for W. Bank expansion

    Haaretz 18.05.2009:Amira Hass / Israel won't let books, music, clothes into Gaza

    Haaretz 17.05.2009:Gideon Levy / A plea for Obama

    Uri Avnery 16.5.09: Quarrel on the Titanic

    Haaretz 15.05.2009:Eugenics in Israel: Did Jews try to improve the human race too?
    In the 1930s, many Jewish psychiatrists subscribed to the German conception of Jews as a race

    Haaretz 15.05.2009:Lieberman's party proposes ban on Arab Nakba Day

    Haaretz 15.05.2009:Amira Hass / Life among the ruins in Gaza
    Despite 4,000 homes destroyed in the war, Israel won't let building materials be brought into the Strip.

    Haaretz 13.05.2009: Akiva Eldar New envoy to U.S.: Soon Jews won't want to live in Israel

    Haaretz 10.05.2009: Gideon Levy / We deserve to know what the IDF did in our name in Gaza

    Haaretz 10.05.2009: Amira Hass / Israel knows that peace just doesn't pay
    Successive cabinets understood that peace with Palestinians could seriously damage national interests.

    Haaretz 10.05.2009: Akiva Eldar Israel has secret plan to thwart division of Jerusalem:
    The government and settler organizations are working to surround the Old City of Jerusalem with nine national parks, pathways and sites, drastically altering the status quo in the city. The secret plan was assigned to the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA)...

    Uri Avnery 9.5.09: Sir Winston Peres


    Haaretz 07.05.2009:Settlement expansion seeing biggest boost since 2003
    West Bank construction has been accelerating, putting Israel on a collision course with the U.S

    Haaretz 07.05.2009:Gideon Levy: Peres' propaganda for Netanyahu and Lieberman is pathetic

    Haaretz 06.05.2009:UN demand for IDF compensation in Gaza could reach $11m
    UN chief Ban accuses Israel of lying about attacks on its facilities during Jan. offensive

    Haaretz 05.05.2009:Israel rejects 'biased' UN report on Gaza war
    UN internal probe alleges IDF deliberately struck UN installations during its Gaza offensive.

    Haaretz 05.05.2009:Meshal: Hamas seeks Palestinian state based on 1967 borders
    Group's political bureau chief tells New York Times: Hamas willing to commit to 10-year truce in exchange

    Haaretz 04.05.2009: German politician: Netanyahu won't harm Israel-EU ties
    Jurgen Ruttgers says proud Germany boycotted Durban 2, certain that German-Israel ties will grow.

    Haaretz 04.05.2009: Gideon Levy: IDFdraft dodgers are heroes, not criminals

    Haaretz 04.05.2009: German politician: Netanyahu won't harm Israel-EU ties
    Jurgen Ruttgers says proud Germany boycotted Durban 2, certain that German-Israel ties will grow


    Uri Avnery 02.05.2009:The Emperor’s Old Clothes-Netanyahus Plan

    Gush Shalom Haaretz 01.05.2009: weekly Ad attack on activists

    Haaretz 28.04.2009: Amira Hass / Assisting the siege

    Uri Avnery 25.04.2009: Can Two Walk Together? Ahmadinejad

    Haaretz 22.04.2009: Gideon Levy: Even if Netanyahu backs Palestinian statehood, occupation to flourish

    Haaretz 20.04.2009: World Bank: Israelis get four times more water than Palestinians 

    Haaretz 20.04.2009:Gideon Levy: Israel, the world ignoring bombed-out Gaza

    Haaretz 30.03.2009: 40 Arabs losing jobs as Israel Railway saves posts for army veterans

    Haaretz 30.03.2009: Amira Hass: Palestinian democracy stifled by occupation

    Uri Avnery 18.04. 2009: A Little Red Light- fascism in Israel


    Haaretz Yitzhak Laor 14.04.2009:Time to rethink IDF claim of being 'most moral army in the world'


    Uri Avnery 11.04.2009: “Rest has Come to the Weary…”


    Uri Avnery 04.04.2009: Who is the Boss
  march 2009: The israeli resistance


    Uri Avnery 28.03.2009: Biberman & Co.

    Haaretz 27.03.2009: Gaza witness: IDF troops told us 'Go south or you'll get shot'
    Palestinian accounts given to AP support allegations of IDF misconduct during the war in Gaza

    Haaretz 24.03.2009:Amira Hass / Time to believe Gaza war crimes allegations
    Reports of IDF misconduct in Gaza were available long before the soldiers' testimonies were published

    Haaretz 23.03.2009:  Amira Hass Rights group: IDF violated medical ethics in Gaza op,
    IDF killed 16 medical workers during Gaza op

    Haaretz 23.03.2009:   'IDF troops used 11-year-old boy as human shield in Gaza'
    UN report accuses IDF of committing human rights atrocities during Operation Cast Lead


    Uri Avnery 21.03.2009: A Judicial Document

    Haaretz 19.03.2009: IDF soldiers: We killed Gaza civilians under lax rules of engagement 
    A Haaretz expose gathers testimony of Gaza op incidents; IDF: We'll check info, investigate as required.
    During Operation Cast Lead, Israeli forces killed Palestinian civilians under permissive rules of engagement
     and intentionally destroyed their property, say soldiers who fought in the offensive.
    ANALYSIS / Can Israel dismiss its own troops' stories from Gaza?


    Haaretz 17.03.2009: Amira Hass: Israel gave its soldiers a free hand to attack Gaza civilians

    Uri Avnery 14.03.2009: AIPAC-Freeman


    Information clearing house 13.03.2009: CIA Report: Israel Will Fall In 20 Years

    Haaretz 12.03.2009: Hamas condemns Gaza rocket strikes on Israel
    Militant group says Palestinian factions trying to reconcile their differences over Israel at Cairo talks.


    Haaretz 12.03.2009:Gideon Levy: Everyone agrees the war in Gaza was a failure


    Haaretz 10.03.2009:A. Sagi and Y. Stern: Demonization of Arabs down to Jewish worries over own loyalty
    ...The Arabs are citizens, but to a limited extent. They face discrimination in the civilian realm, and they
     are excluded from the political arena and the Israeli experience as a whole....


    Uri Avnery 07.03.2009: Sharm


    Haaretz 05.03.2009: Pots of urine, feces in the refrigerator - how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes
    Some soldiers who broke into Gaza grocery stores handed out candy to Palestinian children


    Haaretz 05.03.2009: Muslim-Jewish dialogue in Lod


    Haaretz 05.03.2009: Head of Palestinian rights group banned from travelling to accept award


    Haaretz 04.03.2009: Amira Hass: U.S. aid to Gaza dwarfed by billions it gives to IDF The Israel donors conference


    Haaretz 03.03.2009:Failed discrimination  Arabs aren't being offered practical housing solutions.


    Haaretz 03.03.2009:Durban 2 draft: Israel Palestinian policy is crime against humanity
    Draft statement prepared for UN summit on racism accuses Israel of contemporary apartheid


    Haaretz 02.03.2009: Peace Now: Israel planning 73,300 new homes in West Bank
    Report by group says approval already granted for 15,000 housing units, with another 58,000 waiting for okay


    Uri Avnery 28.02.2009: 10 ways to kill fatah


    Haaretz 23.02.2009:Amnesty urges freeze on arms sales to Israel


    Uri Avnery 21.02.2009: The great gamble


    Haaretz 19.02.2009:Gideon Levy / Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is
    Mr. Iran, let's see you get Barack Obama's permission for the most dangerous escapade of all

    Haaretz 17.02.2009: Yitzhak Laor: Left's demise began with support for Barak's war on Palestinians

    Haaretz 16.02.2009:Legitimizing Lieberman  Would Labor not join Lieberman in seeking to expel the Arabs?

    Haaretz 16.02.2009:West Bank settlement gets green light for major expansion


    Uri Avnery 14.02.2009: Ms tantalus on election results


    Avi Shlaim 7-1-2009: Israel and Gaza: rhetoric and reality

    The historical record of Israel's dealings with Gaza sheds light on its strategic aims in the current conflict
    Haaretz 14.02.2009: Amira Haas White flag, darkly IDF sniper shot Ibrahim Joha while he waved a white flag


    Haaretz  08.02.2009:Gideon Levy: Rise of Lieberman proves racism now an accepted Israeli value


    Uri Avnery 07.02.2009: elections (Dirty Socks)


    Haaretz  06.02.2009: Editorial / No reason to vote Meretz 
    Meretz suffered a total and resounding failure with its automatic support for the decision to go to war in Gaza


    Haaretz  06.02.2009:Gideon Levy / Let Netanyahu win 
    A Likud win is likely to bring the curtain down on the great fraud - the lie of 'negotiations'.


    Haaretz  06.02.2009:A legitimate demand: Netanyahu brands Lieberman campaign against Israeli Arabs as 'legitimate'.


    Anis Hamadeh 05.02.2009: The Second Case Summary: This essay is about Gaza and the German silence between 1945 and 1968,
    about Israel's myths and the situation of the Palestinians who are labeled with negative stereotypes ...

    Haaretz  05.02.2009:Amira Hass / Gaza burn victims exhibit possible signs of white phosphorous wounds
    Doctors yet to determine if casualties' wounds stem directly from being hit by IDF phosphorus mortars


    Uri Avnery 31.01.2009:Black Flag-On War Crimes

    Haaretz  29.01.2009: For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel
    Group recommends divestment initiatives modeled on those used against apartheid South Africa


    Haaretz  29.01.2009:Settlement-terrorism- Mitchell's Mideast tour puts settlements back on the table


    Haaretz 25.01.2009:Gideon Levy: A vote for Livni, Barak or Netanyahu is a vote for an extremist

    The Gurdian 16.01.2009: Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village

    White flags ignored and houses bulldozed with families inside, claim residents


    Haaretz 23.01.2009:Richard Falk: Gaza situation evokes memories of Warsaw Ghetto  
    UN rapporteur on human rights says there's enough evidence that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza


    Haaretz 22.01.2009:Hear the other side  The cast lead that sealed Israeli ears was rarely penetrated.


    Haaretz 22.01.2009:Gideon Levy / Gaza war ended in utter failure for Israel
    Israel is a violent and dangerous country devoid of all restraints, that doesn't mind international law


    Haaretz 21.01.2009: Amira Hass: IDF also kills Palestinians with 'legal' weapons


    Haaretz 21.01.2009: Israeli human rights activists: Arrest Olmert, Livni, and Barak for war crimes
    Web site explains how to inform Hague of when 'suspects' are outside Israel, hence vulnerable to arrest


    Haaretz 20.01.2009: Amira Hass / Gazans say IDF troops ignored white flags and shot at them


    The Global News Service of the Jewish People 16.01.2009: MP Kaufman likens Israelis to Nazis

    LONDON (JTA) - A Jewish member of Britain's parliament accused Israel of exploiting Holocaust guilt to justify its actions in the Gaza Strip.: ... "My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town.  A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza." ...


    Haaretz 19.01.2009: Akiva Eldar: Obama mustn't let Israel kill and bleed all the way to an apartheid state


    Uri Avnery 17.01.2009: Heine-The Boss Has Gone Mad, Gaza War (3)


    Haaretz 16.01.2009: 'Inhumane' offensive  Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer blasts Israel's operation


    Haaretz 16.01.2009: Amira Hass / Is Israel using illegal weapons in Gaza attacks? 
    Military analyst probes rumors Israel dropping white phosphorous bombs, unseen in 8 years of conflict.

    Haaretz 16.01.2009: Gideon Levy / Someone must stop Israel's rampant madness in Gaza

    Haaretz 16.01.2009: Israel using Holocaust guilt to continue Gaza op, says British Jewish MP

    The Gurdian 06.01.2009: Israeli shelling kills dozens at UN school in Gaza

    Haaretz 15.01.2009: Gideon Levy / The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools

    Haaretz 15.01.2009: Hospital, UN facility hit in Hamas-IDF fighting in Gaza City Witnesses: Thousands flee homes
                                 as IDF enters Gaza City; IAF kills Hamas leader Zahar's bodyguards.

    Haaretz 13.01.2009: Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections

    Haaretz 13.01.2009: Amira Hass / Gazans trapped in no man's land between fire, farmlands

    Haaretz 13.01.2009: Human Rights Watch: IDF phosphorous bombs in Gaza violate int'l law

    Haaretz 13.01.2009: Gideon Levy / The view from The Hague, Israel's leaders will pay for the bloodshed in Gaza

    Haaretz 11.01.2009: Amira Hass Life in a war zone Gaza's morgues are filled with unidentified bodies.

    Haaretz 11.01.2009: Editorial: Hamas acts cannot justify Israel's cruel war against Palestinian civilians

    Haaretz 11.01.2009: Gideon Levy: My Gaza war hero is Al-Jazeera correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin

    Uri Avnery 10.01.2009: On Gaza War continued (2)

    Shraga Elam 1/2009: “Passive” refusal is not enough to prevent war crimes

    Gush Shalom Ad on Gaza 09.01.2009: Open Crossings...

    Haaretz 09.01.2009: Gideon Levy: Those who justify Gaza war justify all of its crimes

    Haaretz 09.01.2009: UN: IDF bombed building in Gaza that housed civilians

    informationclearinghouse 08.01.2009: Meet the children left to die among the bodies of their parents and families
    informationclearinghouse 08.1.2009: Red Cross Finds Starving Children with 12 Corpses in Gaza 'House of Horrors'

    Times Online 08.01.2009:Gaza victims' burns increase concern over phosphorus

    Haaretz 08.01.2009:Red Cross: Israel breaking int'l law, letting children starve in Gaza

    The Guardian, Avi Shlaim*  07.01.2009: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

    The only way to make sense of Israel's senseless war in Gaza is through understanding the historical context.
    Establishing the state of Israel in May 1948 involved a monumental injustice to the Palestinians. British officials bitterly resented
    American partisanship on behalf of the infant state. ...
    *Oxford professor of international relations Avi Shlaim served in the Israeli army ...


    Letters of Pax Christie International on Gaza 07.01.2009: to Solana, to Ban Ki-Moon

    Sky News Mads Gilbert 05.01.2009: a Norwegian doctor in Gaza, tells Sky News that the number of civilians injured and killed in Gaza proves
     that Israel is deliberately attacking the population.

    Shraga Elams Blog 01-2009:A second US Xmas present to Israel - Green light for further escalation in Gasa - for mass expulsion!!!

    Haaretz 07.01.2009: Amira Hass: Lucky my parents aren't alive to see Israel bomb Gaza

    Haaretz 06.01.2009: 40 Palestinians killed in IDF strike on UN school
    Palestinian death toll from 11-day raid rises to nearly 600; IAF targets head of Hamas rocket division. 

    Haaretz 06.01.2009: Editorial: Let Israeli Arabs protest against Gaza offensive

    Haaretz 05.01.2009: Amira Hass / Wounded Gaza family lay bleeding for 20 hours

    Haaretz 05.01.2009: IDF shell kills Palestinian family of seven near Gaza City

    Haaretz 04.01.2009: Gideon Levy And there lie the bodies

    Uri Avnery 03.01.2009: Molten Lead, Gaza War (1)

    Haaretz 02.01.2008: On seventh day of Gaza op, IAF hits more than 30 Hamas targets
    At least eight people, among them five children, killed as IAF targets several homes of Hamas officials.

    Haaretz 02.01.2008: Amira Hass / Did the IAF bomb a Gazan welding truck or a Hamas Grad transport?
    Haaretz 02.01.2008: Gideon Levy / Amid exploding rockets, Negev life carries on 1

    Haaretz 02.01.2009:Yossi Sarid / If you (or I) were Palestinian

    Haaretz 02.01.2009:  Gideon Levy / IAF, bullies of the skies

    Online Journal 01.01.2009:Dennis Rahkonen The truth about those Hamas rockets

    Gush Shalom Ad 30.12.2008:CEASE FIRE NOW!

    Haaretz 24.12.2008: Jewish parents deny Arab girl place in Jezreel Valley daycare

    Uri Avnery 27.12.2008: 85th Birthday speech

    The Observer, Sunday 21.12.2008: Peter Beaumont Israeli blockade 'forces Palestinians to search rubbish dumps for food'

    Haaretz 21.12.2008: Gideon Levy: Israel must talk with Hamas

    Haaretz 21.12.2008: Daniel Levy: Gaza likely to turn into Somalia if Israel continues siege

    Uri Avnery 20.12.2008: Spot the Difference

    Haaretz 19.12.2008: War of independence  Arab residents of Umm al-Fahm want to remain a part of Israel

    Haaretz 17.12.2008:Britain steps up fight against West Bank settlements

    Haaretz 17.12.2008: Alexander Yakobson: Israel has no real peace initiative

    Haaretz 17.12.2008: Amira Hass: Hamas expects Israel to foil two-state solution

    Haaretz 16.12.2008: Akiva Eldar / Democracy in the West Bank? Not if it's up to Israel

    Haaretz 16.12.2008: Staunch Israel critic at UN reports receiving death threats
    UN General Assembly president has called for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel

    Haaretz 16.12.2008: Legalize them  Israeli Bedouin citizens mustn't be viewed as 'invisible'.

    Haaretz 14.12.2008: Last chance for Kadima Gideon Levy: Ruling party has no ideas or world view.

    Haaretz 12.12.2008: Amira Hass returns to Gaza after a two-year absence
    Flags, weapons, mass ralies have all disappeared from a place that has assumed an eerie sense of quiet

    Haaretz 12.12.2008: Amira Hass: Instead of Auschwitz

    Haaretz 12.12.2008: Gideon Levy: Ostracize, boycott, do not join

    Haaretz 11.12.2008: Livni: Israeli Arabs should move to Palestine once state created

    Haaretz 08.12.2008: Of peripheral concern After the U.S., Israel is the least egalitarian country in the West.
    Haaretz 08.12.2008:  A danger to democracy

    Uri Avnery 06.123.2008: Memo for Obama

    LUISA MORGANTINI  , Vice President of the European Parliament 3.12.2008:

    Haaretz 02.12.2008: Mohammed Naim Farhat: What Israel hasn't tried in Gaza

    Uri Avnery 29.11.2008: The israeli Barak Obama the Barak Ovadya, Candidate

    Haaretz 27.11.2008:License to Kill IDF has killed wanted men when an arrest was possible., assassinations 

    YnetNews 26.11.2008:Experts: Failure to integrate Arabs costing Israel billions

    YnetNews Report 26.11.2008:: Most Palestinian claims of IDF abuse don't lead to charges

    Uri Avnery, 22.11.2008: Eyes Wide Shut, on coming israel elections

    Anis Hamadeh, 21.11.2008: Interview with Donna Wallach, War Crimes in Gaza 

    The Palestine Chronicle 20.11.2008: Assassination as Official Israeli Policy

    Uri Avnery Article published in Haaretz 14.11.2008: Yesterday’s Traitors, on the Israeli left

    Haaretz 17.11.2008: Amira Hass: Is Israel deliberately strengthening Hamas?

    Uri Avnery 15.11.2008: An Unforgettable Moment (Sadat)

    Gush Shalom 14.11.2008, Ad in Haaretz: Hamas and Olmert 1967 borders

    Haaretz 14.11.2008: Barak approved settlement expansion despite Road Map
    Haaretz learns that since April, Barak has authorized numerous construction projects in the West Bank.

    Haaretz 14.11.2008: In 2006 letter to Bush, Haniyeh offered compromise with Israel
    Via U.S. prof., Hamas leader said state on 1967 borders, extended truce acceptable to abate conflict.

    Haaretz 12.11.2008: Britain's 'sage' advice  Israel's greed and arrogance is endangering ties with Europe

    Haaretz 11.11.2008: Aluf Benn: No leader No leader before Olmert explicitly urged return to '67 borders

    Haaretz 09.11.2008: Gideon Levy: Let's hope Obama won't be a 'friend of Israel'

    Haaretz 10.11.2008: Amira Hass / Powerless in Gaza, residents rely on the tunnels
    Israel stopped fuel shipments last week in response to rocket attacks, no word yet on when it will be resumed

    Haaretz 10.11.2008:  Editorial: Israel should listen to Hamas
    Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, the ousted prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, described "the territories of 1967" as the territory of the Palestinian state "at this time." He told Haaretz correspondent Amira Hass that the Hamas government had previously made it clear that it was willing to accept a Palestinian state that followed the 1967 borders and to offer Israel a long-term hudna, or truce, if Israel recognized the Palestinians' national rights, as Haaretz reported Sunday

    Uri Avnery 08.11.2008: Obama, yes you can

    Uri Avnery 06.11.2008: Herald tribune contribution on Obama

    Haaraetz 05.11.2008:35 Qassams hit west Negev, day after deadly IDF strikes on Gaza
                                     Hamas: 6 Gazans killed in first raid since truce; IAF kills 5, ground troops kill gunman along border

    Haaraetz 04.11.2008: Britain to EU: Clamp down on imports from settlements

    Haaretz 03.11.2008: Yesh Din report: Only 8% of Palestinian complaints against settlers result in indictment

    Haaretz 03.11.2008: Akiva Eldar: Evacuate Hebron settlement before it's too late

    Uri Avnery 01.11.2008: Our Obama (US elections eve)

    Haaretz 31.10.2008: Akiva Eldar: Mideast change can't be left to the Americans alone

    Haaretz 31.10.2008: Gideon Levy: Israel needs Beilin types

    Haaretz 27.10.2008:  Gideon Levy: Settlers have earned many Israelis' hatred of them

    Haaretz 27.10.2008: Hisham Nafa': Israel has turned its Jewish victims against its Arabs

    Haaretz 27.10.2008: Involve the Arabs in the coalition process
                                     Livni is continuing this distasteful tradition of shunning Arab factions.

    Haaretz 16.10.2008: Israeli Arab groups: Riots were bid to expel Acre's Arabs

    Haaretz 16.10.2008: Two Palestinian girls detained in Israel without trial for months

    Haaretz 12.10.2008: Gideon Levy: Acre Jews warn 'Arabs will kill you with knives'

    Uri Avnery 25-10-2008: American elections

    Uri Avnery 18-10-2008: Is Akko burning

    Uri Avnery 10-10-2008: Peace

     (Maan news Agency 07-10-2008): Holland says Israeli Minister Ami Ayalon persona non grata
    Israeli Minister Ami Ayalon has been declared a persona non grata in the Netherlands, after having a case filed against him in the Dutch courts accusing him of torturing Palestinian Khalid Al-Shami during his time as head of Israel’s Shin Bet.

    Uri Avnery 04-10-2008: Testament Olmert

    Haaretz 28.09.08: For love of Acre Arab residents of Acre have a deep passion for their home.

    Uri Avnery 27.09.2008: It Can Happen Here!

    Haaretz 28.09.08: Gideon Levy: Enough with the 'political process' game

    Abdalaziz Okasha Project Syndicate, 2008: A Gazan Education

    Uri Avnery 20.09.2008: Fly, Tzipora, fly! on Tzipis victory

    Uri Avnery 13.09.2008:Tzipi's Choice

    Counterpunch13.09.2008 ED GAFFNEY Breaking the Siege of Gaza Of Pirates, Provocateurs and Peaceful Pests

    Haaretz 18.09.2008: Gideon Levy: Arabs who back Kadima, Likud, and Labor are sellouts

    Counterpunch 12.09.2008, Jonathan Cook: How They Ensare Palestinian Collaborators-Israel and the Dark Arts

    Haaretz 08.09.2008, Gideon Levy: Shin Bet operatives are no better than other students

    Haaretz 08.09.2008, Avi Issacharoff:Fatah leader: Al-Qaida intifada could make Hamas look like child's play

    Uri Avnery 06.09.2008: Lonely Rider (on Abie Nathan)

    Haaretz  05.09.2008,Kobi Ben Shimon: Making a stink

    Haaretz 04.09.2008, Yossi Melman: Shin Bet to Palestinian: Collaborate or go to jail

    Haaretz 01.09.2008, Jack Khoury: Ex-Ambassador to U.S.: Israeli Arabs in Galilee are secessionist threat

    Uri Avnery 30.08.2008: Hottentot Morality (on Georgia)

    Haaretz 28.08.2008 Gideon Levy Twilight Zone / Caught on camera
    This is Israeli justice in a nutshell: Lt. Col. Omri Burberg, the battalion commander suspected of giving an utterly illegal order to shoot a bound Palestinian, is wandering free and being considered for a senior training post in the Israel Defense Forces. Meanwhile, Jamal Amira, the father of Salam, the amateur camera operator who filmed the shooting, spent 26 days in an Israeli jail, until a military judge was so kind as to release him on bail last week.

     Ran HaCohen August 27, 2008:  Occupation by Another Name

    Haaretz 26.08.2008, Nadav Shragai: Peace Now: West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year
    More than 2,600 housing units are under construction in West Bank settlements, including units in more than 1,000 new buildings,
     Peace Now contends in its semi-annual report

    Uri Avnery 23.08.2008: The Devil's Hoof (on Akiva Eldars Nusseibeh two staates)

    Anis Hamadeh, 22.08.2008: Free Gaza Project Already Big Success - Israeli Responses

    Haaretz 22.08.2008: Akiva Eldar The business of peaceOne U.S. billionaire pushes his dream of Mideast peace

    Haaretz 22.08.2008:  Shalom Dichter: Give Israeli Arabs the state funding they deserve

    Uri Avnery 16.8.08: The Anger, the Longing, the Hope (Mahmoud Darwish)

    Haaretz 16.08.2008: Akiva Eldar, Sari Nusseibeh:We are running out of time for a two-state solution'

    Haaretz 18.08.2008: Akiva Eldar: Israel can't survive on just military strength

    Haaretz 15.08.2008: 'We are running out of time for a 2-state solution'
                                    Sari Nusseibeh, Palestinian co-author of peace plan, says both sides have failed over the last 15 years. 

    Haaretz 15.08.2008:Marwan Muasher: The Arab Peace Initiative still stands

    Uri Avnery 03.08.2008: A Knight on a Gray Horse

    Uri Avnery 03.08.2008:Hollow Time (Olmert goes)

    Haaretz 31.07.2008: Olmerts Crimes: criminal neglect of the Arab Peace Initiative

    Haaretz 31.07.2008: Gideon Levy: Neither an officer nor a gentleman

    Haaretz 31.07.2008: Gideon Levy: Top IDF officer should be tried for mass killing, not petty ATV incident

    Anis Hamadeh, 28.06.2008: Is Gaza under occupation or not? Free Gaza boats about to find out more

    Uri Avnery 26.7.08: "If I Forget Thee, Umm Touba…"

    Uri Avnery 21.07.2008: All Quiet on the Gaza Front

    Uri Avnery 19.07.2008: Different Planets (Prisoner swap)

    Uri Avnery 12.07.2008: Why not? (Iran attack)

    Uri Avnery 05.07.2008: Satan's Counsel

    Haaretz 17.06.2008: B'Tselem cameras pay off for victims of settler attacks

    Uri Avnery 28.06.2008: Ole - Ole, Ole, Ole

    Haaretz 16.06.2008: Music for peace   A music festival straddles the Israeli-Palestinian divide.

    Haaretz 16.06.2008:  Programming for peace   Israeli hi-tech companies are outsourcing to the West Bank.

    Haaretz 16.06.2008: 13 Palestinians killed; 50 rockets hit the south

    Haaretz 16.06.2008:  Gideon Levy: Europe's hatred of Muslims makes it back Israel despite occupation A dubious Israeli spring in Europe

    Uri Avnery 15.06.2008: The Visit of the two Professors: An Astonishing Success

     Uri Avnery 14.06.2008: An Apology

    Uri Avnery 07.06.2008: No, I Can't!-Lobby

    Uri Avnery 31.05.2008: When the Kettle Calls the Pot Black (Olmert Scandal)

    Haaretz 28/05/2008: Amnesty: Israel harms Palestinian civilians, exploits foreigners 
                                    An Amnesty International report released on Wednesday finds that Israel attacks innocent Palestinian civilians,
                                   exploits foreigners and subverts the general right to freedom of employment

    Haaretz 28/05/2008: VIDEO: Jerusalem camera catches brutal attack by Jewish teens on Arab youths

    Haaretz 27/05/2008: Rights monitor: W. Bank, Gaza governments violate human rights in quest for control

    Haaretz 26/05/2008: Report: Carter says Israel has 150 nuclear weapons

    Uri Avnery 24.05.2008: Escaping Forwards- syrian peace 

    Haaretz 24.05.2008: UN: No. of roadblocks in W. Bank up 7 percent from last Sept.
    Report comes out shortly after visiting French FM criticized Israel for not alleviating checkpoints in PA.

    We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel now! (17 May 2008)

    Uri Avnery 17.05.2008: With Friends Like These…

    Haaretz 06/05/2008: From darkness into light, Daphna Golan

    Haaretz 04/05/2008: You have to be sad, then happy, Gideon Levy

    Uri Avnery 03.05.2008:"…Namely the State of Israel" ()

    Uri Avnery 26.04.08:The Military Option

    Haaretz 21.04.2008: Carter: Hamas willing to accept Israel's right to 'live in peace'

    Haaretz 21.04.2008: Gideon Levy: Hamas and Israel - how different are they?

    Haaretz 21.04.2008: Barak: Our suffering is more important than that of Gazans

    Haaretz 20.04.2008: Stolen memories  Palestinians complain of theft during IDF searches,Thieves in uniform, Gideon Levy

    The Lion and the Gazelle-history (Uri Avnery19.4.08)

    Haaretz 18.04.2008: Through the Palestinian looking-glass, Esther Zandberg
    The color photograph shows Hadara Hassan Agbaria and her husband, Ahmad Khalil Agbaria, at their home in the Wadi Ara village of Musharrafieh. They are wearing traditional garb, their hands are interlocked and they are looking straight at the camera of Shai Aloni, a member of Kibbutz Geva. Aloni captured these members of "the stooped generation" standing upright and looking festive.

    Haaretz 18.04.2008: IDF troops do nothing as Hebron settlers threaten German MPs
    A group of Jewish settlers in Hebron insulted and threatened a visiting German parliamentary delegation touring the West Bank city on Thursday. The German embassy in Israel protested to the Foreign Ministry that Israel Defense Forces soldiers and police officers did nothing to stop the settlers' attacks. The German group cut short its visit to the city after the incident.

    Haaretz 16.04.2008:  15 Palestinians killed in IAF strikes in central Gaza
    Reuters cameraman, at least 5 children among the dead; IDF says targets of strikes were armed militants. 22:09

    Haaretz 16.04.2008: Three Israeli soldiers killed in ambush near Gaza border
     IDF suspects operational errors occurred during raid; 4 Hamas men die in clashes; 10 rockets hit Negev. 18:37

    Haaretz 13.04.2008: Rights group: Shin Bet uses relatives to extract prisoners' confessions, Shahar Ilan, Haaretz Correspondent
    The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel has accused the Shin Bet security service of using relatives of individuals under interrogation to extract confessions.
    In a report to be submitted Sunday to the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, the organization says the Shin Bet makes unjustified arrests of family members, or creates the pretense of such arrests to pressure suspects.
    The report further states that such methods are used against individuals who are already subjected to severe physical torture. ...

    Haaretz 13.04.2008: Gideon Levy: Israelis have no right to fight occupation of Tibet Palestinians versus Tibetans - a double standard, Gideon Levy
    Israelis have no moral right to fight the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The president of the Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People, the psychologist Nahi Alon, who was involved in the murder of two Palestinians in Gaza in 1967 - as was revealed in Haaretz Magazine last weekend - chose to make his private "atonement" by fighting to free Tibet, of all places.

    Haaretz 13.04.2008: 9 Palestinians killed in weekend fighting, Avi Issacharoff and Yuval Azoulay
    Nine Palestinians, including two young teens, were killed and more than 20 were injured as a result of weekend Israel Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip.
    Seven of the deaths occurred on Friday in the vicinity of the Bureij refugee camp, in the central strip. The dead were named as Munzar Abu Hawishal, a Hamas activist; Shihab Abu Zbeid, 17; Jihad Abu Zbeid, 19; Yusuf al-Ma'ari, 17; Abd al-Razq Nufal, 19; Riad al-Aweni, 12; and Yusuf Sirhan,13.

    "Not You! You!!!" Tibet and Palestine (Uri Avnery 05.04.2008)

    Haaretz 03.04.2008: Haaretz columnist Sayed Kashua shortlisted for int'l literary award
    Haaretz columnist Sayed Kashua on Wednesday was shortlisted along with seven other authors for one of the 
    world's most valuable prizes for a single work of fiction in English.
    Kashua, an Arab Israeli, writes a satirical weekly column for Haaretz, and has published two novels.
    Two other Arab authors were among those shortlisted on Wednesday for the award. ...

    Haaretz 02.04.2008: Survey: Israel second to Iran as most negatively viewed in world
    In BBC poll, Israel rated by 52 percent as having negative influence on world; global opinion of U.S. rising.

    Haaretz 02.04.2008: Meshal: Hamas backs '67 state lines, right of return:
    Hamas politburo chief tells Palestinian daily Al-Ayam Hamas seeks ceasefire in West Bank and Gaza
    amas supports the united Palestinian position calling for the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, 
    including Jerusalem, and the right of return for refugees, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal told the Palestinian daily Al-Ayam....

    Haaretz 01.04.2008: Editorial: Israel's settlement policy is one of deception   Fooling ourselves
    Had Peace Now not published reports from time to ti  me, it is doubtful anyone would have been aware of the continuing construction in the settlements. One might have assumed from the declarations by Ehud Olmert's government that construction had been suspended and that efforts were being made to reach a peace agreement to include withdrawal from most of the West Bank. From the complaints by the settlers' leadership as well, one might have concluded that there was a freeze on building and that the settler youth were really and truly homeless.
    But quite different things are happening in the territories. ..

    Haaretz 01.04.2008: UN agency says sick Gazans die in 'avoidable tragedies'
    World Health Organization says Israel denied entry permits to almost fifth of Gazan patients in 2007
    WHO: Israel turning away sick Gazans, who die in 'avoidable tragedies'

    Haaretz 31.03.2008: Educated Arab Israelis unlikely to find jobs, Yoav Stern
    ...The level of education among the Arab public is 20 years behind the rest of Israel, and is roughly on the same level as Jews enjoyed in the 1980s....
    ...Unemployed college graduates like Shalata, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, make up 12.5 percent of all Arab college graduates. The figure on the Jewish side in only 3.5 percent. Women fare slightly better....

    Haaretz 31.03.2008: Israeli Arab leader on Land Day: We'll fight Israel's 'rising fascism', Yoav Stern

    Haaretz 31.03.2008: The land speaks Arabic' / A public near its breaking point, Yoav Stern

    Two Americas (Uri Avnery 22.3.08)

     Israel, Israel Above Everything!-Merkel in the Knesset (Anis Hamadeh 21.03.2008)

    Haaretz 18.03.2003: Study finds Israeli Jews increasingly racist toward Arabs


    Haaretz 18.03.2003:  Tom Segev: Merkel slams Qassams, but ignores Israel's actions


    Assassinations in Bethlehem and Tulkarm – grave provocation

    The government does not want a ceasefire, but a new flareup (Gush Shalom Press release 13.03.2008)

    Haaretz 13.03.2008: Poll: Half of Jewish public oppose Arabs in their neighborhoods

    "Kill A Hundred Turks And Rest…" (Uri Avnery 08.03.2008)

    Haaretz 05.03.2008: MK Eitam to Arab MKs: One day we will expel you from Israel

    Haaretz 05.03.2008: A not so green line- Israel scandalously disposes of waste in the West Bank

    Haaretz: 'Restraint' is deceitful, and 'forbearance' is vain by Gideon Levy

    Good Morning, Hamas (Uri Avnery 01.03.08)

    Three Cheers for Kosova!(Uri Avnery23.2.08)

    Haaretz 23.02.2008: Gideon Levy: The Jerusalem issue is easy - half for Jews, half for Palestinians

    Haaretz 23.02.2008: Five Palestinians killed in IDF Gaza actions over the weekend

    Haaretz 21.02.2008:   Report: Barak warns Syria IDF planning ops against Hezbollah, Hamas
    Defense Minister urges Assad through Turkey to change stance on Lebanese militant group, says Al-Hayyat.

    Haaretz 21.02.2008:  Report: U.K. gov't hid reference to Israel on Iraq weapons dossier
    The British newspaper The Guardian reported Thursday that the Foreign Office in London had successfully managed
     to conceal a reference to Israel in a September 2002 document on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, fearing harm 
    to bilateral ties.he Guardian says that the word "Israel" was handwritten next to a statement in the "now discredited" 
    dossier which said that "no other country [apart from Iraq] has flouted the United Nations' authority so brazenly in
     pursuit of weapons of mass destruction." ...

    Haaretz 21.02.2008: Peace Now: Israel denies Area C Palestinians building permits
    Figures show 94% of requests turned down in West Bank zone over past 7 years; IDF: Group skewing data

    Haaretz 20.02.2008:  BBC: Doron Almog faced 2005 arrest in U.K. for alleged war crimes against Palestinians.
    An Israel Defense Forces general escaped arrest for alleged war crimes at London's Heathrow
    airport in 2005 because U.K. police feared an arrest would spark a shootout with Israeli security officials, 
    the BBC reported Tuesday.

    Haaretz 20.02.2008:  Israel still building in West Bank settlements despite PM's pledge
    New neighborhood underway near Ramallah; Olmert vowed to stop illegal building after U.S. peace summit.

    Haaretz 20.02.2008: An Arab city in the Galilee would mean a less green Israel.  (Nehemia Shtrasler)
    Last Tuesday should have been a day of mourning for those who love nature and the environment.
    But for some reason, it passed quietly. On that day, two decisions were made. One was widely publicized:
    to establish a new Arab city in the Galilee. The second passed easily, with no media fanfare:
    to establish a new town in the eastern part of the Lachish region.
    The first decision was unnecessary. It came after Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit visited Umm al-Fahm.
    In his eagerness to please the residents, Sheetrit announced he had ordered his ministry's staff to examine
    establishing a new Arab city in the Galilee.
    Given our reality (a declared policy of "Judaizing the Galilee" and ministers who are replaced every two to three years),
    it seems we will have peace with the Palestinians before a new Arab city arises. Nevertheless,
    it is worth examining the matter in principle. ...

    Haaretz 20.02.2008:  Israel is stealing Palestinian land, private or not (Amira Hass)

    Haaretz 20.02.2008:  Petition: Israel blocked Gaza kids (Amira Hass)
    Petition accuses Israel of blocking Gaza kids from joining parents in Ramallah
    Israel is preventing four children in the Gaza Strip from joining their parents in Ramallah. The children,
    aged 3 to 16, have been alone in the Gaza Strip since September 2007 when their mother went to the
    West Bank for medical treatment and did not return. ...

    Haaretz 20.02.2008:  Bloggers sans Borders-Bloggers from Gaza and Sderot seek to beat prejudices
    A blog where borders don't matter Ronit Roccas
    They used to meet in Sderot. It seems like ages ago. They were a group of Palestinians from Gaza and Israelis,
     most of whom were from Sderot. A siren could go off at any moment, but they continued to try to understand how
    sanity could be returned to the region. They thought of starting joint summer camps for children from Gaza and Sderot,
    and above all they tried to create a dialogue that overcame prejudices and deceptions. But it's been half a year since they
     last met in a Sderot living room.

    Haaretz 19.02.2008:  German intellectuals: Israel's creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust (Cnaan Liphshiz)
    A group of visiting German intellectuals called on Berlin on Monday to change what they termed its Holocaust-rooted
    blind support of Israel, saying the creation of the State of Israel turned Palestinians into victims of the Nazi Holocaust as well.
    The four, Dr. Reiner Steinweg, Prof. Gert Krell, Prof. Georg Meggle, and Jorg Becker, took part in a debate Monday evening
     at the Netanya Academic College on the future of German-Israeli relations. They were among 25 signatories to a petition on the
     issue that was circulated in the German media following the Second Lebanon War.

    Haaretz 17.02.2008:
    Gideon Levy: Killing Mughniyah was playing with fire

    Haaretz 16.02.2008: The first Arab city

    Blood and Champagne- EVERY PEOPLE elevate the profession in which they excel.
    (Uri Avnery 16.2.08)

    Haaretz 15.02.2008: Palestinians: Ailing woman dies after IDF denies her ambulance: Witnesses: Husband pleaded with troops at W. Bank checkpoint to let his wife reach waiting ambulance

    Haaretz 14.02.2008: Forever young  FM Livni should listen to what Jewish and Arab children say.

    Haaretz 13.02.2008: Amira Hass: Gazans wonder what's new about Israel wiping out neighborhoods

    An End Foreseen (Uri Avnery 09.02.2008)

    From Stalingrad to Winograd (Uri Avnery 2.2.08)

    One and Two State Solutions – The Myth of International Consensus (Kathleen Christison 1-2008)

    on the Winograd report (Shraga Elam 02.02.2008)

    Haaretz 02.02.2008: Israeli Arabs protest AG decision on killings during Oct. 2000 riots

    Haaretz 01.02.2008: Amnesty Int'l: Israel's war crimes ignored by Winograd report

    Haaretz 01.02.2008: Arab women - the most exploited group in Israeli workforce

    "GAZA: LIFT THE BLOCKADE" - The Relief Convoy on its way (Uri Avnery 26.01.2008)

    Worse than a Crime (Uri Avnery 26.1.08)

    Look Who's Talking (Uri Avnery18.1.08)

    Haaretz 17.01.2008: Two hurt in Negev as rocket barrage enters day 3; 25 Gazans killed since Tues., nearly 70 rockets fired. 

    Haaretz 16.01.2008: Amira Hass: Israelis don't get the extent of their domination over the Palestinians

    Haaretz 16.01.2008: Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy has won this year's Euro-Med Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue.
    Levy was awarded the prize for an article published on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, entitled "The children of 5767" (5767 is the Jewish calendar year that ended on September 12, 2007). The article told the stories of all the Palestinian children killed by Israel Defense Forces fire over the previous year.

    The Hands of Esau (Uri Avnery12.1.08)

    Haaretz 06.01.2007: Gideon Levy: Bush is hostile and indifferent toward Israel

    The Case of the White Bird - Livni (Uri Avnery5.1.08)

    Haaretz 03/01/2008:  Katyusha hits north Ashkelon; IDF strikes kill seven Gazans

    Haaretz 03/01/2008:  Amira Hass: Israel's West Bank presence is violent and arrogant

    The Beilin Syndrom (Uri Avnery 29.12.07)

     To die with the Philistines? (Uri Avnery15.12.07)

    Haaretz 8.12.2007: Civil rights group: Israel has reached new heights of racism
     Report shows 26% rise in anti-Arab racist incidents; 74% of Jewish youths call Arabs 'unclean.' 

    Haaretz 8.12.2007:Gideon Levy: Bring Israeli war criminals to justice - even abroad

    How They Stole The Bomb From Us (Uri Avnery 8.12.07)

    After Annapolis "The Tumult And The Shouting Dies…" (Uri Avnery 1.12.07)

     Gush shalom weekly Ad published in Haaretz November 30, 2007
    WHILE Olmert was on the way to Annapolis, the settlers carried out a pogrom in the West Bank village of Funduk.
    WHILE the leaders shook hands in Annapolis , the Israeli army killed eight Palestinians.
    WHILE Olmert expressed "understanding for the sufferings of the Palestinians", the blockade that starves the population there went on.
    Olmert gave the conference a wreath of beautiful promises. He must prove that they are not rubber checks.

    Haaretz 30/11/2007: Editorial: If Israel wants to avoid its apartheid epithet, it must halt expansion 
     When Ehud Olmert warns that the world could impose a "South African solution" on Israel if two states are not created, side by side, he is tacitly admitting that expansion of the settlements is making Israel look increasingly like an apartheid regime.
    The agreement to withdraw, or to make "painful concessions," as it is sanctimoniously called, is therefore less painful than any other alternative. The only question is whether another Yitzhak Rabin can be found, who is capable of really halting, not just suspending, the construction of settlements, to leave the Palestinians some territory in which to establish Palestine. ..

    Haaretz 29.11.2007 Israel's school daze Education Ministry data reveal a gap in test scores between Jewish and Arab schools.
    Report: Wide gaps between test scores in Jewish, Arab schools
    The Education Ministry published statistics Wednesday that indicate significant differences between the test scores of students attending Jewish and Arab schools. The statistics were drawn from the Measure of Efficiency and Growth in School standardized tests (Meitzav), which were last given at the end of the last school year. ...

    Haaretz 29.11.2007: Olmert to Haaretz: Two-state solution, or Israel is finished
    WASHINGTON - "If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Haaretz Wednesday, the day the Annapolis conference ended in an agreement to try to reach a Mideast peace settlement by the end of 2008.
    PM: Jewish groups won't back undemocratic state

    Haaretz 29.11.2007:  Tom Segev: Israel has more to lose than the Palestinians, who've already lost everything
    The 29th of November, then and now
    On Saturday night, November 29, 1947, many of the Jews in the Land of Israel went out to dance in the streets of the cities. They were celebrating the United Nations decision to establish a Jewish state in part of the country. The Arabs were also supposed to get a state, but they went to war.
    In his new book, Yoav Gelber, a professor of history at the University of Haifa, ponders what would have happened had the Arabs agreed to the Partition Plan adopted by the UN 60 years ago today. "We can only guess," writes Gelber cautiously.

    Haaretz 30/11/2007: Editorial: If Israel wants to avoid its apartheid epithet, it must halt expansion 
    When Ehud Olmert warns that the world could impose a "South African solution" on Israel if two states are not created, side by side, he is tacitly admitting that expansion of the settlements is making Israel look increasingly like an apartheid regime.
    The agreement to withdraw, or to make "painful concessions," as it is sanctimoniously called, is therefore less painful than any other alternative. The only question is whether another Yitzhak Rabin can be found, who is capable of really halting, not just suspending, the construction of settlements, to leave the Palestinians some territory in which to establish Palestine. ..

    Haaretz 29.11.2007 Israel's school daze Education Ministry data reveal a gap in test scores between Jewish and Arab schools.
    Report: Wide gaps between test scores in Jewish, Arab schools
    The Education Ministry published statistics Wednesday that indicate significant differences between the test scores of students attending Jewish and Arab schools. The statistics were drawn from the Measure of Efficiency and Growth in School standardized tests (Meitzav), which were last given at the end of the last school year. ...

    Haaretz 29.11.2007: Olmert to Haaretz: Two-state solution, or Israel is finished
    WASHINGTON - "If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Haaretz Wednesday, the day the Annapolis conference ended in an agreement to try to reach a Mideast peace settlement by the end of 2008.
    PM: Jewish groups won't back undemocratic state

    Haaretz 29.11.2007:  Tom Segev: Israel has more to lose than the Palestinians, who've already lost everything
    The 29th of November, then and now
    On Saturday night, November 29, 1947, many of the Jews in the Land of Israel went out to dance in the streets of the cities. They were celebrating the United Nations decision to establish a Jewish state in part of the country. The Arabs were also supposed to get a state, but they went to war.
    In his new book, Yoav Gelber, a professor of history at the University of Haifa, ponders what would have happened had the Arabs agreed to the Partition Plan adopted by the UN 60 years ago today. "We can only guess," writes Gelber cautiously.

    Gush shalom weekly Ad published in Haaretz November 30, 2007
    WHILE Olmert was on the way to Annapolis, the settlers carried out a pogrom in the West Bank village of Funduk.
    WHILE the leaders shook hands in Annapolis , the Israeli army killed eight Palestinians.
    WHILE Olmert expressed "understanding for the sufferings of the Palestinians", the blockade that starves the population there went on.
    Olmert gave the conference a wreath of beautiful promises. He must prove that they are not rubber checks.


    How to Get Out? THE ANNAPOLIS conference (Uri Avnery17.11.07)

    Haaretz 15.11.2007: Democracy first Israel needs to be a sovereign state, not a Jewish one
    Still a democracy? Shulamit Aloni
    The government of Israel, with all due respect, does not represent the Jewish people but rather the citizens of the State of Israel who elected it. Israel is a sovereign state, which is still considered to be a democracy. In other words, it is a state for all of its citizens. Therefore it must not demand of the Palestinians to recognize it as a Jewish state, because in that way it would be declaring that any citizen whose mother is not Jewish or who did not convert with our strict Orthodox rabbis is a second-rate citizen, and his rights as a human being and a citizen are not ensured.
    The Jews are a people but not a nation, they are a religious ethnic group or as respected a tribe as may be. The Jewish citizens of Britain, including the Orthodox among them, are British, and that is what is written in their passports and in the British population registry....

    Haaretz 15.11.2007:Temporary occupation Every few days a Palestinian home is 'occupied' by the IDF  ...
    when the army comes knocking
    Umm Zuhir, 87, remembers mainly how the soldiers kept telling her: Keep quiet, quiet. She repeatedly asked to open the windows of her house a little: "I'm sick, you also have a mother, I'm suffocating," she said, and they told her, "Keep quiet," or didn't answer at all. "But it should be mentioned that they didn't steal anything," she added. ...

    Haaretz 14.11.2007:Editorial: For equality's sake, Arabs should be 'Israelized'
    Opposition to young Arabs volunteering for national service unfortunately unites all Arab MKs. An Arab rap group has composed a song protesting the possibility, rallies have been held, signs have been posted, and MK Jamal Zahalka has said he will consider anyone who volunteers a "leper." One can understand the refusal to cooperate with an establishment that has discriminated against Arabs since the inception of the state. But those who sincerely want to promote equality between Jewish and Arab citizens cannot support such an isolationist attitude

    Haaretz 11.11.2007: Gideon Levy: Only recognition of Hamas strength will prevent Gaza invasion

    Gush Shalom Ad  Haaretz: 09.11.07: 
    This week, Army Intelligence announced that the chances of the Annapolis Conference are "next to nil".
    Such a statement is proper for a political party, not for a military body.
    For 40 years now, the Israeli army fulfils an eminently political function in the Palestinian territories.
    No wonder that it is now the strongest political force in Israel.

    The Last Refuge (Uri Avnery10.11.07)

    Haaretz 04.11.2007: IDF strikes kill four Gazans as Qassam volleys hit the Negev Gaza hospital: Three of casualties were civilians

    Say it with Flowers- Livni (Uri Avnery 3.11.07)

    12 Years Later- Rabin (Uri Avnery 27.10.2007)

    The Boston Globe By Desmond Tutu October 26, 2007
    Realizing God's dream for the Holy Land
    WHENEVER I am asked if I am optimistic about an end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I say that I am not. Optimism requires clear signs that things are changing - meaningful words and unambiguous actions that point to real progress. I do not yet hear enough meaningful words, nor do I yet see enough unambiguous deeds to justify optimism.
    However, that does not mean I am without hope. I am a Christian. I am constrained by my faith to hope against hope, placing my trust in things as yet unseen. Hope persists in the face of evidence to the contrary, undeterred by setbacks and disappointment. Hoping against hope, then, I do believe that a resolution will be found. It will not be perfect, but it can be just; and if it is just, it will usher in a future of peace. ..

    Haaretz 14.10.07: Israel refuses entry to 6 Gazans in urgent need of medical care
    Rights group: Israel punishing Gazans for Hamas takeover

    Haaretz 14.10.07: Gideon Levy: Israeli journalists can go to Syria and Iraq, but not to the Gaza Strip

    The Mother of all Pretexts-Clash of Civilizations (Uri Avnery 13.10.07)

    Two Knights and a Dragon (Uri Avnery 6.10.07)

    Haaretz 04.10.2007: Editorial / Where is the occupation?  The Palestinians are slowly becoming virtual realities, distant from the eye and the heart.

    Haaretz 04.10.2007:Dafna Golan: A 9-year-old is threatening the Jewish majority

    Gush Shalom Ad published in Haaretz September, 29 2007:     WARNING!
    Blockading The population Of the Gaza Strip Is A war crime. Thos who decide And those who carry it out May find themselves In The Hague.

     So What About Iran? (Uri Avnery 29.9.07)

    Haaretz 24.09.2007: To the international border, and no farther  It is in Israel's interest not to desire control of Syrian sovereign territory foreve

    Haaretz 24.09.2007: Danny Rubinstein: IDF victories against militants breed terror

     Haaretz 24.09.2007: Leading Israeli authors, intellectuals urge truce with Hamas

     Foam on the Water- Yom Kippur (Uri Avnery 22.9.07)

     The  Palestinian Mandela (Uri Avnery 15.9.07)

    Haaretz  09.09.2007: Gideon Levy: When will Israel learn civilian suffering does not breed moderation?

     bilin victory- BIL'IN! BIL'IN!(Uri Avnery 8.9.079)

    Haaretz 2.09.2007: Gideon Levy: By own admission, IDF does not care if it kills kids
    Children of war
    Again children. Five children killed in Gaza in eight days. The public indifference to their killing - the last three, for example,
    were accorded only a short item on the margins of page 11 in Yedioth Ahronoth, a sickening matter in itself -
    cannot blur the fact that the IDF is waging a war against children. A year ago, a fifth of those killed in the "Summer Rain"
    operation in Gaza were children; during the past two weeks, they comprised a quarter of the 21 killed. If, heaven forbid,
    children are hurt in Sderot, we will have to remember this before we begin raising hell. ...

    Israel-US (Uri Avnery1.9.07)

    The language of  force (Uri Avnery 25.8.07)

    Gush Shalom weekly ad on killing Children (in Haaretz 24.08.07)

    Haaretz 23.08.08: Too many authorities, By Amira Hass
    Not only are some 1.5 million Gaza residents living like prisoners in the largest jail in the world, but they are also subjected to daily attacks by Israel
     that leave them with more dead to bury. Two children were killed on Tuesday, and not only those suspected of firing Qassam rockets. And if there's no shelling, there's a short-term incursion, and dozens of people are arrested and undergo a day-long campaign of humiliation....

    Haaretz  20.08.2007: Organized crime: Israeli-Arab 'donors' are promised fortunes for their organs, but are never paid.

    Haaretz 19.08.2007: Levy: Netanyahu, like Feiglin, also backs the racist occupation state

    Haaretz 19.08.2007:  Germans protest sale of food from West Bank settlements

    Miss C. -on possible war (Uri Avnery18.8.07)

    Haaretz 15.08.07: Time to attack By Avraham Burg

    Haaretz 12.08.2007:Gideon Levy: Failure to uproot Hebron settlers is the real crime

    OSLO REVISITED (Uri Avnery11.8.07)

    Haaretz 08.08.2007: Forced discharge: Israel is forcing a six-year-old Palestinian girl paralyzed by an IAF missile out of hospital.
    Mariya Aman, a Palestinian girl who is almost 6 years old, is an intifada survivor. Until the age of four years and nine months she had a
    normal childhood in Gaza. Her father, Hamdi, worked in construction in Israel for years. On May 20, 2006, Maria and her family took a
    drive in their car to visit her sick aunt. At the exact same time, the Israel Defense Forces tried to assassinate Islamic Jihad's
     Mohammed Dahdouh. An Israel Air Force plane circling above Gaza fired a missile at his car, which was traveling through Gaza City.
    But the missile hit the Amans' car, depriving Mariya of her mother, her 6-year-old brother, her grandmother and her uncle. A second brother,
     Muaman, 4, sustained moderate injuries. Mariya was critically wounded in her spine. She was left completely paralyzed, and her Israeli doctors
     determined that she would never be able to talk or even breathe on her own, much less walk, run or jump. Mariya is on a respirator at
    Alyn Children's Hospital in Jerusalem.

    Haaretz 07.08.2007: Israeli rights group B'Tselem slams West Bank checkpoints as 'illegal'
    Israeli rights group B'Tselem said Tuesday most of the dozens of manned checkpoints and hundreds more physical roadblocks
    set up in the West Bank are "illegal" and constitute collective punishment.
    B'Tselem stated in a report that some 47 Israel Defense Forces checkpoints and 455 physical obstructions on roads currently exist
     throughout the West Bank

    Haaretz 06.08.2007: Danny Rubinstein: If Hamas isn't a player, there is no game

    Haaretz 06.08.2007:  Eldar: Israeli double-speak makes talk of peace ridiculous

    White Elephants (Uri Avnery04.08.07)

    Haaretz 29.07.07: PM welcomes 'significant' boost in U.S. military aid :
    Olmert: We understand U.S. desire to boost moderate Arab states, Israel to receive $30 billion in next decade
    US pledges to boost military aid to Israel

    A Warning to Tony (Uri Avnery 28.07.07)

    Haaretz 21.07.07:  Land only for Jews: A racist Jewish state-
    The thin line between Israel as a democratic Jewish state and a racist one has been crossed.

    A Trap for Fools (Uri Avnery21.07.07)

    Haaretz 19.07.07: Editorial: Israel can't yawn at chances to resolve the conflict

    Haaretz 19.07.07: Amira Hass: Prisoner release is way of continuing occupation

    A Stupid War (Uri Avnery 14.7.07 )

    Haaretz 11.07.07: Overall road fatalities at 41-year low, Arab deaths unchanged

    Zionism, Anti-Zionism and Post Zionism (Uri Avnery10.7.07)

    An Israeli Love Story (Uri Avnery 07.07.07)

    Peace is cheaper  (By Nehemia Shtrasler  Haaretz 29.06.07)

    It is not clear whether the Sharm el-Sheikh summit actually accomplished anything. True, Ehud Olmert spoke eloquently about his desire
     for peace and his commitment to resolving the conflict with the Palestinians, but we have all had our fill of speeches and promises.
    On the other hand, Olmert returned from the United States a few days ago with something tangible in hand -
    a $600 million addition to the defense budget. When the two met privately, President George W. Bush promised to increase the U.S. defense
    grant to
    $3 billion a year beginning in 2009.

    Saving President Abbas (Uri Avnery 23.06.07)

    40 Bad Years (Uri Avnery 9.6.07)

    Haaretz 8.6.07 Despite directive, IDF restricting Palestinian travel in Jordan Valley

    Haaretz 8.6.07 Carlos Strenger: For sake of peace, Israel must accept its role in Palestinian Nakba

    Haaretz 6.6.07 Bradley Burston: 1967 - The war that ended Judaism

    Haaretz 6.6.07 Shmuel Rosner: Republican tough talk on Iran touches on tactical nukes

    Haaretz 6.6.07 Uzi Benziman: The rest of the world sees Israel as an occupie

    Haaretz 5.06.07: An offer that cannot be refuse
    By Saeb Erekat
    On March 28, 2007, leaders of the Arab countries gathered in Riyadh and renewed their commitment to peace as a strategic choice: They reaffirmed their offer to Israel for a comprehensive and just peace, the "Arab Peace Initiative."
    The Arab Peace Initiative offers a historic vision and a historic compromise: In exchange for an end to 40 years of Israeli occupation, full withdrawal to the June 4, 1967 borders, establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and a just and agreed-upon solution to the plight of the Palestinian refugees based on UN Resolution 194, Arab states would provide a comprehensive and sustainable peace based on ending the conflict, achieving regional stability and security for all, and full acceptance and normalization of relations with Israel.

    Haaretz 5.06.07: Tom Segev: Nothing necessitated taking W. Bank, E. J'em
    What was forgotten that morning
    Six months prior to the Six-Day War, the heads of the Mossad, Military Intelligence and the Foreign Ministry explored the possibility of Israel occupying the West Bank. Various scenarios that might lead to such an outcome were discussed, such as the fall of King Hussein's regime in Jordan, an Iraqi invasion of Jordan or a Palestinian uprising. At the end of the deliberations, all were in accord that the occupation of the West Bank would be contrary to Israel's national interest. They concluded that Israel would reap nothing good from ruling over the Palestinians, only bad - including an erosion of the country's Jewish majority and a violent uprising against the occupation.

    Haaretz 5.06.07: In praise of the occupation
    By Amira Hass
    The occupations brought about by the 1967 war accomplished one great thing: They reunited the majority of the Palestinian people within the boundaries of their homeland. For the first time in 19 years it was once again possible for Palestinians to live and experience together, as a group, the expanse between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River....

    Haaretz Service and The Associated Press 04/06/2007
    Israel rejects Amnesty report urging end to West Bank fence

    Vice Premier Shimon Peres Monday rejected a special Amnesty International report which urged Israel to dismantle the West Bank fence, declaring that suicide bombings had been curtailed almost entirely since the barrier was erected.
    In a report timed to coincide with this week's 40th anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War, Amnesty on Monday also called for Israel to dismantle West Bank settlements and roadblocks, for the Palestinians to end attacks on Israeli civilians and for the international community to monitor both sides. ...
    The Amnesty report also urged Israel to rescind other measures in the West Bank, including IDF and police checkpoints. Apart from the fence, "The movement of Palestinians is constrained by a host of other restrictions, including over 500 checkpoints and blockades, and a network of roads for Israeli settlers to use (which are) off-limits to Palestinians, the 45-page Amnesty report said. ...


    Related articles:
    Amnesty urges Israel to tear down West Bank separation fence

     On Generals and Admirals (Uri Avnery 2.6.07)

    Haaretz 01/06/2007:U.S. envoy to PA slams Israel for refusing to ease PA conditions
    by Shmuel Rosner and Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondents
    Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, the top American security envoy to the Palestinian Authority, has criticized Israel for its failure to help define a "security horizon" for the Palestinians and its refusal to ease conditions in the Palestinian Authority. ... 

    Haaretz 31/05/2007: Report: Shin Bet, police severly tortured Palestinian suspects
    By Nir Hasson
    In a harsh report released yesterday, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel accuses the Shin Bet security service and police of severely torturing Palestinian security suspects.
    The report includes the testimonies of nine Palestinians who were arrested by the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet between 2004 and 2005, including one that charged police investigators with severe sexual abuse.
    The prisoners interviewed complain of beatings, painful sitting positions for long periods of time and being tied up painfully, among other things.
    The report says the doctors at the hospitals and prisons ignore the prisoners' complaints or treat them with contempt, thus enabling the security services to continue torturing the prisoners. ... .  

    Haaretz 31/05/2007:U.K. union backs calls for boycott of Israel academe
    By Assaf Uni,
    Britain's University and College Union (UCU) voted on Wednesday to promote a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, protesting Israel's policy on the Palestinians. Jewish and Israeli officials in the U.K. and Israel reacted with outrage to the motion which, for the most part, is a rhetorical move.
    The motion was approved by a 158 to 99 vote, and called for freezing European funding for Israeli academic institutions, while condemning "Israeli academia's cooperation with the occupation." .... 

    Haaretz 31/05/2007: Holding on tight to the frequencies
    By Amira Hass

    The air is one escape route from the roadblocks and the separation regime that Israel imposes on the Palestinians. But Israel catches up with them even in the air. Israel does not allocate cellular frequencies to the Palestinians that answer their modern technological, economic, social and personal needs. More precisely, Israel refuses to coordinate with the Palestinians so they can use the cellcom frequencies they should have according to the International Telecommunications Union..... 

    Haaretz 31/05/2007: A vow in vain
    By Talia Sasson
    A law proposed by Yisrael Beiteinu MK David Rotem, and which has passed its first reading in the Knesset, ostensibly deals with a minor matter - a change in the wording of the swearing-in oath elected Knesset members take when taking office. However, this proposal, if it becomes law, is liable to have serious implications.
    The current oath reads: "I swear to be loyal to the State of Israel and to fulfill in good faith my mission in the Knesset." Under the proposed law, an elected member would be required to take the following vow: "I swear to be loyal to the Jewish and democratic state of Israel, its values and its symbols and to fulfill in good faith my mission in the Knesset."
    The author was the head of the special tasks department at the State Prosecutor's Office... 

    -Haaretz 31/05/2007 :South Africa's largest trade union seeks to boycott Israel
    By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent
    South Africa's largest trade union federation will launch a campaign against "the Israeli occupation of Arab lands" this week, demanding that Pretoria impose a boycott on all Israeli goods and break diplomatic relations. South African Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, who is Jewish, told Haaretz that he actively supported the initiative - which contradicts the policy of his own cabinet...

     "…To the Shores of Tripoli" (Uri Avnery 26.5.07 )

    Haaretz 23/05/2007
    Amnesty's annual report accuses Israel, Hezbollah of war crimes

     Amnesty International accused both Israel and Hezbollah on Wednesday of committing war crimes during the Second Lebanon
    War last summer, saying both were guilty of indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas.
    In its annual global human rights
    report, released Wednesday, the organization said IDF troops and Hezbollah "committed serious violations
    of international humanitarian law, including war crimes."

    A Swiss Cheese (on next war) (Uri Avnery 19.05.2007)

    Haaretz 19/05/2007
    Gideon Levy: And now, the IDF's killing of an unborn child
    And now, a fetus-By Gideon Levy
    Memorial posters decorate the walls of the Rafidiya government hospital in Nablus, covering earlier posters of countless young people
     who have been killed. But this poster is like nothing we have seen before: a fetus covered in its own blood, its tiny head blown up by the
     bullet that struck its mother, and the caption - "Who gave you the right to steal his life?"
    The killing of the unborn child, Daoud, by Israel Defense Forces troops raises a series of moral, legal and philosophical questions.
    Is the killing of a fetus manslaughter? Is it murder? And how old is the victim? But all these questions are dwarfed by the woman lying
    stunned and injured in the maternity ward of the hospital in Nablus, in agony, with all kinds of tubes attached to her, refusing to answer
     a single question.

    Haaretz Correspondent15/05/2007
    New Israeli Arab declaration: Israel must own up to Nakba
    Yoav Stern, A group of Israeli Arab intellectuals are calling on Israel to recognize its responsibility for the Nakba
    ("The Catastrophe," the Palestinians' term for what happened to them after 1948) and to act to implement the Palestinian
     refugees' right of return and establishment of a Palestinian state.
    These moves will pave the way to a historic reconciliation between the Jewish nation in Israel and the Palestinian people,
    says a position paper entitled "The Haifa Declaration" published in Haaretz for the first time on Tuesday. The composers urge
    Israel to become a democratic state that upholds "national equality" between Jews and Arabs. ...  13.05.2007
    Olmert: Israel seeks world acceptance of a united Jerusalem under its sovereignty
    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service
    At a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the reunification of the city in 1967, Olmert said: "The past 40 years are only the beginning.
     I believe, hope and pray that we will continue to work together to strengthen Jerusalem, to expand its borders, to cultivate its foundations,
    to build its neighborhoods."... 14/05/2007
    Report: Palestinians abandon 1,000 Hebron homes under IDF, settler pressure

    By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

    A report by two major Israeli civil rights organizations that was issued Sunday indicates that Palestinians abandoned more than
    1,000 homes and at least 1,829 businesses in the center of Hebron due to pressure by the Israel Defense Forces, the police and
    Jewish settlers. Many of those referred to fled during the second intifada, beginning in September 2000.
    The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Civil Rights in the
    Occupied Territories, claim that a "policy of separation on a national basis" is being imposed in Hebron.


    One State-Two States opening words (Ilan Pappe 12.05.07) 

    Two States-One State: Solution or Utopia (Uri Avnery12.05.07)

    World Bank scolds Israel for impeding travel in West Bank
    By Avi Issacharoff (    12.05.2007)
    The World Bank says Israel harms Palestinian freedom of movement and access to parts of the West Bank,
    damaging any chances for the Palestinian economy to emerge from crisis.
    The bank's particularly critical report also says the limitations imposed on Palestinians' movement prevents their access
    to about 50 percent of the West Bank, and prevents any likelihood that the Palestinian economy can grow.
    Currently, freedom of movement and access for Palestinians within the West Bank is the exception rather than the norm
    contrary to the commitments undertaken in a number of Agreements between GOI [government of Israel] and the PA," the report states. .

    Palestine Discourse in Transition.Some Basic Thoughts (Anis Hamadeh, May 10, 2007)

    A Hope not Lost (Uri Avnery 28.4.07)

    Ilan Pappe's response to Uri Avnery's essay  Bed of Sodom (EI 26. April 2007)

    The Bed of Sodom (Uri Avnery 21.4.07)

    Blood on Our Hands (Uri Avnery14.4.07)

    Appeal to Merkel (European Jews for Just Peace- EJJP, 28 March 2007)

    Shalom, Shin Bet (Uri Avnery 7.4.07)

    Pussycat (Uri Avnery 31.3.07)

    A heavy Nazi Criminal in the Service of Israel (Haaretz ,Shraga Elam and Dennis Whitehead 20/03/200)

    Without borders- Schoolbooks (Uri Avnery 24.03.07)

    Inshallah (Uri Avnery17.3.07)

    Olmert's Truth (Uri Avnery10.3.07)

    Israel-Palestine one state or two states Poll

    The Book of Esterina (Uri Avnery 03.3.07)

    Israeli Arab group proposes new 'multi-cultural' constitution (Haaretz 28/02/2007)

    Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran 25/02/2007
    By Yoav Stern and Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondents

    Three Arab states in the Persian Gulf would be willing to allow the Israel Air force to enter their airspace in order to reach Iran in
    case of an attack on its nuclear facilities, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa reported on Sunday.
    According to the report, a diplomat from one of the gulf states visiting Washington on Saturday said the three states, Qatar,
     Oman and the United Arab Emirates, have told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace,
    despite their fear of an Iranian response

    "You and I and the Next War" (Uri Avnery 24.2.07)

    The Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education February 24, 2007.
    Interview with Khaled Kasab Mahameed, Holocaust Institute, Nazareth

    The Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education in Nazareth is directed by advocate Khaled Kasab Mahameed.
     I met him on the internet and found some stimulating suggestions. German politicians should go to the refugee camps with pictures
    and texts and explain the genocide of the Jews to the Palestinians, Mahameed says, this is more meaningful than sending submarines to Israel.
     While hosting international visitors and responding to media requests he found the time for this extensive dialog which is presented here
    trilingually in five questions and answers plus six photos. Interview and translation from Arabic by Anis, 

    Israeli Policy Makes a Two-State Solution Less Likely Summary of CNI Foundation "Public Hearing" with Jeff Halper and Naim Ateek
    By Carlton Cobb February 16, 2007
    Two Israeli peace activists told an audience in Washington, DC, this week that, as long as current Israeli policies continue, a real two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is increasingly unlikely and perhaps impossible. The speakers were the Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, founder and director of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem, and Jeff Halper, founder and coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). Halper and Ateek spoke at the National Press Club on Monday, February 12th, 2007, at the CNI Foundation's 22nd "public hearing" to bring a much-needed debate about U.S. Middle East policy to Washington, DC.
    A streaming video of the event can be seen online at the following website:

    Facing Mecca (Uri Avnery17.2.07)

    Fatal Kiss (Uri Avnery 3.2.07)

    Stop the Jewish barbarians in Hebron (Jerusalem Post Jan. 17. 07

    Manara Square, Ramallah (Uri Avnery13.1.07)

    Israel said planning tactical nuclear strike on Iran installation
    Israel denies plan to hit Iran enrichment plant with tactical nukes By Haaretz Service and Agencies
    7. Jan. 07
    The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem denied Sunday a report in the British media that Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium
    enrichment facilities with conventional and tactical nuclear weapons.
    Citing what it said were several Israel Defense Forces sources, the British newspaper The Sunday Times said two Israel Air Force squadrons had
     been training to blow up an enrichment plant in Natanz using low-yield nuclear "bunker busters." ...

    Gideon Levy: Kollek was the greatest settler of all (Haaretz, 7. Jan 07)
    Among the many obituary notices published by various groups after the death of Teddy Kollek, one group's notice was conspicuous in its absence:
    the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements. It is a bit difficult to comprehend this ingratitude by the settlers toward the person who brought approximately
     200,000 Jews to the occupied territories - perhaps more than any other person. The settlement enterprise owes a great historic debt to Kollek.
     Neither Rabbi Moshe Levinger nor Hanan Porat nor Aharon Domb nor Ze'ev "Zambish" Hever are responsible for settling so many Israelis beyond the
    Green Line as Kollek, the enlightened Viennese liberal. ...

    We didn't disappear
    Arabs in Israel call for a "state of all its citizens" to replace Jewish-only policies, Jonathan Cook (AL-AHRAM weekly Online 14-20 Dez. 06)
    The official political leadership of Israel's more than one million Palestinian citizens issued a manifesto in Nazareth last week demanding
    a raft of changes to end the systematic discrimination exercised against non-Jews by the state since its creation nearly six decades ago.
    Included in the manifesto -- the first ever produced by the community's supreme political body, known as the High Follow-Up Committee --
     are calls for Israel to be reformed from a Jewish state that privileges its Jewish majority into "a state of all its citizens" and for sweeping changes
     to a national system of land control designed to exclude Palestinian citizens from influence. ....

    What Makes Sammy Run? (Uri Avnery 30.12.06)

    Haaretz December 28, 2006 
    The temples of the occupation By Meron Benvenisti

    So far, of the dozens of checkpoints promised to be removed from the West Bank in a "gesture" to Mahmoud Abbas, not a single
     checkpoint has been dismantled.
    It will be interesting to see what excuse they come up with after the weather improves. The plan to remove the roadblocks has been delayed
    over some excuse or another for several years, and in the meantime their number has multiplied. We can assume with reasonable certainty
     that the newest attempt to ease the lives of the Palestinians will fail like its predecessors, because the regime of roadblocks is not a matter
    of a marginal gesture, nor a matter of quantity, whose reduction is likely to signal change in the situation prevailing in the occupied territories. ..

    Haaretz December 28, 2006 
    B'Tselem: Israel killed 660 Palestinians during 2006
    Report: Threefold increase in number of Palestinians killed compared to 2005; 23 Israelis killed in 2006.
    B'Tselem report: 660 Palestinians killed by IDF in 2006 By Haaretz Service

    Sorry, Wrong Continent (Uri Avnery 23.12.06)

    Haaretz December 20, 2006 
    Arabs in north get 10% of budget for rebuilding region

    A new report released on Wednesday accuses the government of allocating Arab communities only 10 percent -
    instead of the 30 percent pledged - of the budgets for rebuilding Israel's north in the wake of the war in Lebanon.
    The Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel said that out of a total of NIS 4.25 billion only
    NIS 400 million had been allocated to the Arab sector. Mossawa based its report on data collected from official government decisions
    and the 2007 State Budget bill. The Prime Minister's Office Director General Ra'anan Dinur declared after the war that the state would
    rebuild communities damaged in the war.

    Back to the Scene of the Crime (Uri Avnery 16. 12. 06)

    The Independent December 16, 2006
    Robert Fisk: Different narratives in the Middle EastNo, Israelis are not Nazis. But it's time we talked of war crimes Oh how -
     when it comes to the realities of history - the Muslims of the Middle East exhaust my patience. After years of explaining to Arab friends that the
    Jewish Holocaust - the systematic, planned murder of six million Jews by the Nazis, is an indisputable fact - I am still met with a state of willing
    disbelief.And now, this week, the preposterous President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad of Iran opens up his own country to obloquy and shame by
    holding a supposedly impartial "conference" on the Jewish Holocaust to repeat the lies of the racists who, if they did not direct their hatred towards Jews,
     would most assuredly turn venomously against those other Semites, the Arabs of the Middle East. ...

    Haaretz , December 12, 2006
    Yes to equal rights, no to undermining the Jewish state-End the boycott of Arab parties

    The issue of the Arab citizens of Israel has returned to the headlines. This is partly due to the release of the book "Whose Country is This?"
    , which chronicles the failed attempt to develop a new pact between Jews and Arabs, and even more so to a series of new documents
     setting forth demands formulated by various Arab groups.

    Warfare of the Future, Today?
    The DIME Bomb: Yet another genotoxic weapon
    James Brooks December 12, 2006

    "Horrific" wounds in Gaza may foreshadow warefare of the future

    Haaretz, December 11, 2006
    Jimmy Carter: Israel's 'apartheid' policies worse than South Africa's
    Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said in remarks broadcast Monday that Israeli policy in the West Bank represented instances of
    apartheid worse even that those that once held sway in South Africa.
    Carter's comments were broadcast on Israel Radio, which played a tape of an interview with the ex-president, but did not specify to 
    whom Carter was speaking. But has made similar remarks in recent interviews, such as one to CBC television.....

     CBC News December 9, 2006
    Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter says the decision by Canada and other nations to withhold money from the Hamas-led Palestinian
     government is "a crime."
    Israel and western donors such as Canada have demanded Hamas renounce violence, recognize Israel's right to exist and accept past peace agreements. Hamas, which is committed to Israel's destruction despite its stated offer of a long-term truce, rejects the conditions.
    "It's a crime against the people of Palestine," Carter told CBC News in an exclusive interview from New York.
    "For Canada and others to punish the Palestinian people because they voted for their candidates of choice, I think is literally a crime."  .

     Haaretz, December 08 2006
    A jump start for Palestinian architecture
    By Esther Zandberg
    "I can use familiar, Western architectural tools in a contemporary museum of art in Europe or the United States, because a museum is a
     Western invention," says architect Senan Abdelqader. "But when they ask me to plan an Arab museum of art, I want to know where the 
    request is coming from. First, I ask what process Palestinian society needs to undergo to realize a museum like that."

    Baker's Cake (Uri Avnery 9. 12. 06)

    Haaretz  December 03, 2006
    Israeli Arabs seek right to return to villages abandoned in 1948 By Yoav Stern

    According to a position paper written by Mossawa - the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel and presented in a conference
    in Nazareth on Friday, Israeli Arabs want the right to return to villages abandoned in 1948, educational autonomy and changes to the
     Israeli flag and national anthem.

    A Sparkling Bubble (Uri Avnery on Olmert Speech 2.12.06)

    An Evening in Jounieh (Uri Avnery 25.11.06)

    Grossman's Dilemma (Uri Avnery18.11.06)


    In One Word: MASSACRE! (Uri Avnery11.11.06)

    Gush Shalom on massacre, ad published in Haaretz,
    November 10, 2006

    The Israeli army Invaded Bet-Hanoun, And killed 50 Palestinians.
    In revenge, Palestinians launched Qassam rockets at Askalon.
    In revenge, The Israeli army committed A massacre in Bet Hanoun.
    In revenge…
    Until when?
    Until the end of the occupation!

    European Jews for a Just Peace: Steps to Compel Israel Respect International Law (EJJP Nov. 06)

    The Independent  28. October 2006-Robert Fisk
    Mystery of Israel's secret uranium bomb Alarm over radioactive legacy left by attack on Lebanon 

    Who is Afraid of the Iranian Bomb? (Uri Avnery28.10.08)

    International Herald Tribune, October 27, 2006-Patrick Seale
    Israel's scandalous siege of Gaza
    Israel has killed 2,300 Gazans over the past six years, including 300 in the four months since an Israeli soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit,
    was captured in a cross-border raid by Palestinian fighters on June 25. The wounded can be counted in the tens of thousands. Most
    of the casualties are civilians, many of them children.The killing continues on a daily basis - by tank and sniper fire, by air and sea bombardment,
    and by undercover teams in civilian clothes sent into Arab territory to ambush and murder, an Israeli specialty perfected over the past several decades.

    Haaretz, Oktober 22, 2006
    Israeli Arab leader: Avigdor Lieberman leads a fascist party By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent
    Chairman of the Israeli Arab High Committee, Shuweiki Hatib, on Sunday dubbed Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beitenu a "fascist party" and called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to quit from the coalition talks with Lieberman.
    Speaking at a press conference to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kafr Qassem massacre, Hatib said "the existence of political figures calling for transfer [of Arabs from Israel], must light a red light for Israeli society."

    Haaretz, Oktober 22, 2006
    Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon By Meron Rappaport, Haaretz Correspondent

    Israel has acknowledged for the first time that it attacked Hezbollah targets during the second Lebanon war with phosphorus shells.
     White phosphorus causes very painful and often lethal chemical burns to those hit by it, and until recently Israel maintained that it only
    uses such bombs to mark targets or territory.

    Haaretz, Oktober 22, 2006
    The last days of Defense Minister Peretz-An empty car  By Gideon Levy
    An empty car arrived at the Defense Ministry, and Amir Peretz stepped out of the car, to paraphrase Winston Churchill's jibe at Clement Atlee.
     Even the harshest critics of Peretz have to acknowledge the important contribution he has made: He has demonstrated that the position of defense
     minister is completely superfluous. It is possible to go to war, withdraw forces, pulverize Gaza, deploy vis-a-vis Iran, and even control the West Bank
     without a defense minister. It suddenly becomes apparent that an answering machine at the defense minister's office is sufficient.
     Fact: Peretz has faded away, yet all of these things occurred.

    Ehud von Olmert (Uri Avnery 19.10.06)

    The Great Experiment (Uri Avnery 14.10.06)

    Haaretz, , October 13, 2006
    IDF kills 9 Palestinians in Gaza; Hamas vows revenge
     By A.Harel, M. Grinberg and Yoav Stern, Haaretz and Agencies
    Gaza Strip residents said Israel Defense Forces troops shot dead a Palestinian woman in a Gaza village on Friday where soldiers and militants clashed.
    The incident came after at least eight Palestinians were killed Thursday in two separate IDF operations in the Gaza Strip.
    Palestinian doctors said the woman was shot by an Israeli sniper while she was standing outside her home in southern Gaza. The IDF said troops in the area identified two gunmen east approaching the force east of Khan Yunis and opened fire, hitting both of them, but was not aware of a woman being hit.

     Haaretz, , October 12, 2006
    Hamas vows retribution after IDF kills six Palestinians in Gaza
     By A.Harel, M. Grinberg and Yoav Stern, Haaretzand Reuters
    A spokesman for the Hamas military wing on Thursday vowed the group would take harsh revenge for an Israel Defense Forces operation
     in Gaza, in which six people - including four militants - were killed.
    Five of the dead were members of the same family.

    Haaretz, , October 12, 2006
    Rice: Palestinians should live free of 'humilation of occupation' By The Associated Press
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday that Palestinians deserve to live under better conditions than they are subjected
     to and be "free of the humiliation of occupation" in a state of their own.

    Haaretz, , October 7, 2006
    A respected doctor - and a suspicious Arab By Ruth Sinai

    Dr. Aziz Darawshe's utopia is located in the basement of Haemek Hospital in Afula. For 17 years, he has worked alongside Jews to
    save the lives of Jews and Arabs. No one there examines his identity card. No one hints that his life here is conditional.
    Dr. Darawshe directs the hospital's emergency department. Each year, 125,000 patients pass through the department - including the sick,
    accident and terror victims, and war casualties. Darawshe sometimes resuscitates three patients in an hour. He can count on one hand the
     number of times a sick or wounded Jewish patient refused to be treated by him because he is Arab. There is something in pain, worry,
    sorrow and near-death experiences that unites everyone, he says. "Heart attack victims do not differentiate between Jew and Arab," he says.

    Lunch in Damascus (Uri Avnery October 7,  2006 )

    Because of a Small Nail (Uri Avnery September 30, 2006)

    Haaretz, , September 27, 2006
    UN blasts Israel for plight of Palestinians
     By Shlomo Shamir , Haaretz Correspondent and Agencies

    NEW YORK - The human rights situation for Palestinians has deteriorated to a new low, a United Nations rights expert said yesterday, blaming the West for contributing to the "tragic" situation in Gaza and the West Bank.
    John Dugard, a South African civil rights lawyer, said Israel is largely responsible for the "intolerable" situation of the Palestinians.
    "I hope that my portrayal of hardships experienced by such people will trouble the consciences of those accustomed to turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the suffering of the Palestinian people," Dugard told the UN Human Rights Council.
    "Gaza is a prison and Israel seems to have thrown away the key," Dugard said.

    Haaretz, , September 27, 2006
    Rights group: IDF strike on Gaza power plant was war crime
    Gaza Strip to remain without full electrical power for a year

    By Gideon Levy, Haaretz Correspondent, and the Associated Press It could take between eight to 14 months to fix a Gaza Strip power plant destroyed in an Israel Air Force strike in late June, and to restore full electrical power to the region.Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem has accused the Israel Defense Forces of war crimes for bombing the plant, which has left many areas of the Gaza Strip without full electricitical power the last three months.
    Electricity in many areas is cut off for half of the day, severely hampering hospitals, the water supply and sewage systems, B'Tselem said in a report.

    Haaretz, September 27, 2006
    No light at the end of the tunnel By Raja Zaatry

    The Or Commission report is considered one of the most important and trenchant official documents concerning the state's attitude toward its Arab citizens that has been compiled during Israel's 58 years of existence. The report of the state commission of inquiry, headed by Justice Theodor Or, that was written in the wake of the events of October 2000 in which 12 Arab Israelis and one Palestinian were shot and killed by the security forces failed to live up to the expectations of the families and the Arab public: It made do with casting minimal blame on small cogs in the system, and also on the elected representatives of the Arab public, and placed none on the government echelon that decided that roads had to be opened even at the cost of human lives.


    Haaretz September 22, 2006
    You're either a Zionist or a terrorist The legal status of fighters
    By Meron Benvenisti
    The Israeli legal system, stretched to the limit by cases of private and public corruption, still finds the time and the resources to provide massive support for spreading and deepening Israel's image as a country suffering from terrorism and fighting for its existence. It is an image of a country threatened by traitors from within (Arab Israelis, hoping for a victory of the Axis of Evil whose center is in Damascus), by Hamas operatives (who aspire to destroy it) and by murderous Lebanese (Hezbollah).

    BTselem September 20, 2006
    B'Tselem's investigation leads to soldier's indictment for abuse

    Today, the Judge Advocate General's Office filed an indictment against two soldiers from the Haruv Battalion who had abused Palestinians in Nablus District last month. The soldiers were charged with assault in aggravated circumstances and unbecoming conduct.

    BTselem September 13, 2006
    Military Police to investigate 8 cases of soldiers abusing Palestinians

    Following B'Tselem's intervention The Military Police will investigate eight cases in which Palestinians complained that soldiers beat and abused them.

    BTselem September 13, 2006
    Beatings and abuse on the Ramin Plain, Summer 2006

    Recently, B'Tselem has witnessed a rise in complaints from Palestinians in the West Bank about abuse by soldiers. A significant number of complaints concern events that took place in the area referred to as the Ramin Plain. The area has a dirt road that Palestinians use to avoid the checkpoint near the Einav settlement.

    BTselem August 06
    Rafah Crossing closed as collective punishment

    Reports indicate that Gaza's only crossing has been closed in order to to put pressure on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. B'Tselem wrote to the Defense Minister demanding that he end this illegal policy.

    BTselem August 06,
    Israel separates tens of thousands of families

    B'Tselem and HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual publish a new report on Israel's policy freezing family unification for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. The policy separates children from their parents and prevents spouses from living together.

    Haaretz, September 20, 2006 
    Arab Israelis are crossing a line
    By Uzi Benziman
    Organizations that further Jewish-Arab relations in Israel have become increasingly exposed, since July 12, to an intensifying emotional confrontation that is taking place between the two peoples. From the Jewish Israeli point of view, the second Lebanon War constituted an unassailably justified response to a crass violation of Israel's sovereignty. To Israeli Arabs, the Israel Defense Forces operation was unnecessary, disproportionate and caused abominable injustices to their Lebanese brethren. The clash between these two viewpoints rekindles the question on whether Israel's Jews and Arabs can continue to live together on the basis of their single common denominator - a shared civil society.

    Haaretz,  September 19, 2006
    Bishara, enemy of the people
    By Ala Hlehel
    The ritual is already known in advance: Balad party chairman Dr. Azmi Bishara takes some kind of initiative, or does something or other. Immediately there is an item about it on a major news Web site, the talkbacks heat up, MKs from the right compete with one another over belligerent reactions, and an efficient journalist collects some of the statements and publishes them from top to bottom, in order of the degree of extremism. Israeli "public opinion" awakens, the television stations broadcast angry follow-ups, and the presenter accompanies the report with a look of, "Oy, what are we going to do with him now?" The next day, the government and the legal establishment join in and get the investigation process under way. All we have to do now is to wait for the indictment and the petitions to the High Court of Justice.

    Haaretz , September 19,
    2006 Living deaths
    By Shahar Ilan
    Anwar Ghazem's entire world is his father's apartment in East Jerusalem, located near Damascus Gate, along with its courtyard and a stall in the market down below. If he goes even a few dozen meters from his home, he will be arrested by Border Policemen, many of whom are permanently stationed in that area.
    When Odeh Aliada of the unrecognized village of Bir Daj was hit by a car, he rejected the driver's urgings that he go to a hospital, even though he had suffered internal injuries. His fear of the Israeli system was greater than his fear of injury.
    When Ghazem proposed marriage to his beloved, her father told him that there would be something to talk about only if he acquired an identity card.

    An appeal from MADA Al-Carmelto end violations against the right to education in Palestinian society
    The Arab Center for Applied Social Research

    Haaretz September 16, 2006
    Israel must be made to conform to international law - Making Israel take responsibility - By James Bowen 
    Many countries try to excuse their failings by blaming outsiders. For several decades after independence,
    people in the Irish Republic blamed its economic under-performance on centuries of British rule. Similarly, ,
    Israel uses anti-Semitism to excuse its expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, its discrimination against the Palestinians
    who managed to remain inside the Green Line, and its territorial expansionism after 1967. 

    Haaretz September 05, 2006
    Traumatized by the war, Arab education system lacks psychologists to help By Yoav Stern and Yulie Khromchenko
    The B Comprehensive School in the Galilee town of Maghar is a rarity: an Arab school that lost a student during the war in the North. Would-be
     10th grader Doa Abbas will not be joining her peers this year. Tomorrow her father will attend memorial ceremonies the school is holding for his
    daughter. Principal Afif Araida will read passages in her memory, and her father will speak to her class about what happened.

    The Independent September 4. 2006
    Gaza doctors encounter 'unexplained injuries'
    By Donald Macintyre in Gaza
    Doctors in Gaza are reporting what they say are unexplained injuries among the dead and wounded in operations by the Israeli military,
    which have killed more than 200 Palestinians in the past nine weeks. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is considering whether there is
     a case for an investigation into the injuries amid suspicions by the medics that the injuries were inflicted by what they claim may have been unidentified
    "non-conventional" weapons.Beside especially severe burning "down to the bones", the doctors say that, in other cases, internal organs have been
    ruptured without any obvious sign of shrapnel wounds....

    Haaretz September 04, 2006
    A commission to investigate the occupation
    By Danny Rubinstein
    During the past two months, July and August, 251 Palestinians were killed in Gaza and the West Bank, all of them by Israel Defense Forces fire.
    About half of them were civilians, including women, children and the elderly. More Palestinians than Israelis were killed during the war in Lebanon,
    even though the Palestinians did not participate in the war and were not subjected to Katyusha fire.

    Electronic Intifada 2 September 2006
    Genocide in Gaza Ilan Pappe,
    A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, 2 September, another three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit Hanoun.
     This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will be massacred. An average of eight Palestinian die daily in the Israeli attacks on the Strip.
    Most of them are children. Hundreds are maimed, wounded and paralyzed.

    Gottes auserwähltes Volk  (, Jostein Gaarder, Aftenposten 05. Aug. 06)English
    s. also Gottes auserwählte Volke 2. Artikel J. Gaarder (Reaktion auf die Reaktionen ) 12. Aug. 06

    Haaretz 23.08.2006 Amira Hass: Israel discriminates blood from blood, nation from nation

    Haaretz 23.08.2006Amnesty: Israel committed war crimes in Lebanon war,  Israel broke int'l law in war

    A call on Israeli Soldiers to stop war crimes (The Observer, Shraga Elam,,  Aug. 06)


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