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some articles and reports dealing with Palestinians in Israel
the native inhabitants, who remained in the country after proclamation of the state of Israel


Yossi Sarid, Haaretz June 1, 2011: Jerusalem Day celebrations will not cover up the city's rot and discrimination

  Jerusalem Day is an 'artificial celebration'; Jerusalem is the most ultra-Orthodox city, the most Arab,
 plagued by negative migration.


  Zvi Barel, Haaretz March 29, 2011: Israeli taxes are funding an anti-Arab worldview
 When Palestinians 'incite' against Israel, this is a matter for international protest, but when Safed's chief rabbi
 incites against Arabs, Israeli Jews merely roll their eyes.


  Bradley Burston Haaretz May 17, 2011 : For Palestinians, every day is Nakba Day
 We owe Palestinians what we demand of them:
 recognition of our right to an independent state, and compromise for the sake of a shared future.


  Jack Khoury, Haaretz March 9, 2011: Head to Head / Civil rights lawyer Auni Bana, is there a logic to the security at


  Tomer Zacharin Haaretz March 7, 201: High Court: Explain why Israeli Arabs discriminated against by airport security
 Court responds to petition filed by civil rights group against Shin Bet and Airports Authority, complaining that entire
 sector is tagged as generalized 'security risk'.


  Dan Even, Haaretz April 24, 2011: Israeli Bedouin women lack access to prenatal care
 The infant mortality rate in Muslim villages, including the Bedouin communities, is 11.2 per 1,000 births,
 compared to 2.7 per 1,000 births in Jewish communities.


  Ido Solomon, Haaretz, January 5, 2011:Survey: Employers don't want Arabs, Haredim, disabled
 The study is based on questionnaires sent to 41 major companies in high-tech, health care and ministries.
 This is considered a significant sample of employers.  


Haaretz 18.12.2009:Arab filmmaker wins prize, Israel airline security nabs it
Sun D'Or returns statuette to Sahera Dirbas, 35 days after her film scored top points in Barcelona.


Haaretz 14.12.2009:Lightrail through Arab towns pushed aside for Carmiel railway


Haaretz 14.12.2009:Jewish town won't let Arab build home on his own land
Man has been fighting for a council building permit for 12 years and was promised another '30 year wait.'


Haaretz 16.11.2009: Another Jewish town adds 'Zionist loyalty' to bylaws
Resident of the northern town of Misgav says the law is 'solely to prevent Arab citizens from living here.'


Haaretz 03.06.2009:Second Galilee town considering 'Zionist values' bylaws

Haaretz 02.06.2009:Galilee community admits only supporters of Zionism

Haaretz 05.06.2009:Galilee Jews panic at idea of Arabs moving into their towns
Galilee communities: We're not racist, we just don't want Arabs

Haaretz 03.06.2009:Shulamit Aloni / Israel is controlled by religious fanaticism
Netanyahu and Lieberman are eradicating everything we dreamed about and fought for

Uri Avnery 30.05.2009: “Racist for Democracy”


Haaretz 27.05.2009:Knesset okays initial bill to outlaw denial of 'Jewish state'


Haaretz 19.12.2008: War of independence  Arab residents of Umm al-Fahm want to remain a part of Israel


Haaretz 16.12.2008: Legalize them  Israeli Bedouin citizens mustn't be viewed as 'invisible'.


Haaretz 11.12.2008: Livni: Israeli Arabs should move to Palestine once state created

YnetNews 26.11.2008:Experts: Failure to integrate Arabs costing Israel billions


Haaretz 18.04.2008: Through the Palestinian looking-glass, Esther Zandberg
The color photograph shows Hadara Hassan Agbaria and her husband, Ahmad Khalil Agbaria, at their home in the Wadi Ara village of Musharrafieh. They are wearing traditional garb, their hands are interlocked and they are looking straight at the camera of Shai Aloni, a member of Kibbutz Geva. Aloni captured these members of "the stooped generation" standing upright and looking festive.


Haaretz 31.03.2008: Educated Arab Israelis unlikely to find jobs, Yoav Stern
...The level of education among the Arab public is 20 years behind the rest of Israel, and is roughly on the same level as Jews enjoyed in the 1980s....
...Unemployed college graduates like Shalata, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, make up 12.5 percent of all Arab college graduates. The figure on the Jewish side in only 3.5 percent. Women fare slightly better....


Haaretz 31.03.2008: Israeli Arab leader on Land Day: We'll fight Israel's 'rising fascism', Yoav Stern


Haaretz 31.03.2008: The land speaks Arabic' / A public near its breaking point, Yoav Stern

Haaretz 20.02.2008: An Arab city in the Galilee would mean a less green Israel.  (Nehemia Shtrasler)
Last Tuesday should have been a day of mourning for those who love nature and the environment.
But for some reason, it passed quietly. On that day, two decisions were made. One was widely publicized:
to establish a new Arab city in the Galilee. The second passed easily, with no media fanfare:
to establish a new town in the eastern part of the Lachish region.
The first decision was unnecessary. It came after Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit visited Umm al-Fahm.
In his eagerness to please the residents, Sheetrit announced he had ordered his ministry's staff to examine
establishing a new Arab city in the Galilee.
Given our reality (a declared policy of "Judaizing the Galilee" and ministers who are replaced every two to three years),
it seems we will have peace with the Palestinians before a new Arab city arises. Nevertheless,
it is worth examining the matter in principle. ...


Haaretz 16.02.2008: The first Arab city


Haaretz 02.02.2008: Israeli Arabs protest AG decision on killings during Oct. 2000 riots


Haaretz 01.02.2008: Arab women - the most exploited group in Israeli workforce

Haaretz 8.12.2007: Civil rights group: Israel has reached new heights of racism
Report shows 26% rise in anti-Arab racist incidents; 74% of Jewish youths call Arabs 'unclean.' 


Haaretz 15.11.2007: Democracy first Israel needs to be a sovereign state, not a Jewish one
Still a democracy? Shulamit Aloni
The government of Israel, with all due respect, does not represent the Jewish people but rather the citizens of the State of Israel who elected it. Israel is a sovereign state, which is still considered to be a democracy. In other words, it is a state for all of its citizens. Therefore it must not demand of the Palestinians to recognize it as a Jewish state, because in that way it would be declaring that any citizen whose mother is not Jewish or who did not convert with our strict Orthodox rabbis is a second-rate citizen, and his rights as a human being and a citizen are not ensured.
The Jews are a people but not a nation, they are a religious ethnic group or as respected a tribe as may be. The Jewish citizens of Britain, including the Orthodox among them, are British, and that is what is written in their passports and in the British population registry....


Haaretz 14.11.2007:Editorial: For equality's sake, Arabs should be 'Israelized'
Opposition to young Arabs volunteering for national service unfortunately unites all Arab MKs. An Arab rap group has composed a song protesting the possibility, rallies have been held, signs have been posted, and MK Jamal Zahalka has said he will consider anyone who volunteers a "leper." One can understand the refusal to cooperate with an establishment that has discriminated against Arabs since the inception of the state. But those who sincerely want to promote equality between Jewish and Arab citizens cannot support such an isolationist attitude


Haaretz Correspondent15/05/2007
New Israeli Arab declaration: Israel must own up to Nakba
Yoav Stern, A group of Israeli Arab intellectuals are calling on Israel to recognize its responsibility for the Nakba
("The Catastrophe," the Palestinians' term for what happened to them after 1948) and to act to implement the Palestinian
 refugees' right of return and establishment of a Palestinian state.
These moves will pave the way to a historic reconciliation between the Jewish nation in Israel and the Palestinian people,
says a position paper entitled "The Haifa Declaration" published in Haaretz for the first time on Tuesday. The composers urge
Israel to become a democratic state that upholds "national equality" between Jews and Arabs. ...

Shalom, Shin Bet (Uri Avnery 7.4.07)

Israeli Arab group proposes new 'multi-cultural' constitution (Haaretz 28/02/2007)

The Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education February 24, 2007.
Interview with Khaled Kasab Mahameed, Holocaust Institute, Nazareth
The Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education in Nazareth is directed by advocate Khaled Kasab Mahameed.
 I met him on the internet and found some stimulating suggestions. German politicians should go to the refugee camps with pictures
and texts and explain the genocide of the Jews to the Palestinians, Mahameed says, this is more meaningful than sending submarines to Israel.
 While hosting international visitors and responding to media requests he found the time for this extensive dialog which is presented here
trilingually in five questions and answers plus six photos. Interview and translation from Arabic by Anis, 


aaretz December 20, 2006 
Arabs in north get 10% of budget for rebuilding region

A new report released on Wednesday accuses the government of allocating Arab communities only 10 percent -
instead of the 30 percent pledged - of the budgets for rebuilding Israel's north in the wake of the war in Lebanon.
The Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel said that out of a total of NIS 4.25 billion only
NIS 400 million had been allocated to the Arab sector. Mossawa based its report on data collected from official government decisions
and the 2007 State Budget bill. The Prime Minister's Office Director General Ra'anan Dinur declared after the war that the state would
rebuild communities damaged in the war.


Haaretz , December 12, 2006
Yes to equal rights, no to undermining the Jewish state-End the boycott of Arab parties

The issue of the Arab citizens of Israel has returned to the headlines. This is partly due to the release of the book "Whose Country is This?"
, which chronicles the failed attempt to develop a new pact between Jews and Arabs, and even more so to a series of new documents
 setting forth demands formulated by various Arab groups.


 Haaretz, December 08 2006
A jump start for Palestinian architecture
By Esther Zandberg

"I can use familiar, Western architectural tools in a contemporary museum of art in Europe or the United States, because a museum is a
 Western invention," says architect Senan Abdelqader. "But when they ask me to plan an Arab museum of art, I want to know where the 
request is coming from. First, I ask what process Palestinian society needs to undergo to realize a museum like that."
The connection between Arab culture and an art museum "is not something to be taken for granted, particularly in Palestinian society," explains Abdelqader. "Because of colonial control, its continuous evolutionary development was interrupted, and mutation occurred. It evolved in a forced, arbitrary fashion and lost its independence, self-confidence and identity - particularly after the establishment of the state and our assimilation into Israeli culture."
Abdelqader is designing the Museum of Art in Umm al-Fahm. He was chosen after negotiations with British architect Zaha Hadid broke down. 
This will be the first Arab-Israeli museum of contemporary art and Abdelqader's first major public project. The museum undoubtedly represents a breakthrough in Abdelqader's career, as well as an achievement for the city and the entire Arab-Israeli community.


Haaretz  December 03, 2006
Israeli Arabs seek right to return to villages abandoned in 1948 By Yoav Stern

According to a position paper written by Mossawa - the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel and presented in a conference
in Nazareth on Friday, Israeli Arabs want the right to return to villages abandoned in 1948, educational autonomy and changes to the
 Israeli flag and national anthem.
The paper, written in close coordination with the Israel Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, was presented as part of the week-long
Second Annual Days of Mossawa Festival and Nazareth Film Festival, which ended Saturday.
"Our goal is to achieve a historic compromise with the Jewish community in Israel," Mossawa Center director Jafar Farah told the
 conference. "The move by refugees of 1948 to their villages will not change the demographic balance or endanger the Jews. Unlike
 the refugees in Arab states, we are [already] here," Farah said. "The internal refugees [residents forced to leave their villages in 1948
who moved to other Arab communities within Israel] represent about one-fourth of the Arab population in Israel today."


Haaretz, Oktober 22, 2006
Israeli Arab leader: Avigdor Lieberman leads a fascist party By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Chairman of the Israeli Arab High Committee, Shuweiki Hatib, on Sunday dubbed Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beitenu a "fascist party" and called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to quit from the coalition talks with Lieberman.
Speaking at a press conference to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kafr Qassem massacre, Hatib said "the existence of political figures calling for transfer [of Arabs from Israel], must light a red light for Israeli society."


Haaretz, , October 7, 2006
A respected doctor - and a suspicious Arab By Ruth Sinai

Dr. Aziz Darawshe's utopia is located in the basement of Haemek Hospital in Afula. For 17 years, he has worked alongside Jews to
save the lives of Jews and Arabs. No one there examines his identity card. No one hints that his life here is conditional.
Dr. Darawshe directs the hospital's emergency department. Each year, 125,000 patients pass through the department - including the sick,
accident and terror victims, and war casualties. Darawshe sometimes resuscitates three patients in an hour. He can count on one hand the
 number of times a sick or wounded Jewish patient refused to be treated by him because he is Arab. There is something in pain, worry,
sorrow and near-death experiences that unites everyone, he says. "Heart attack victims do not differentiate between Jew and Arab," he says.

Haaretz, September 27, 2006
No light at the end of the tunnel By Raja Zaatry

The Or Commission report is considered one of the most important and trenchant official documents concerning the state's attitude toward its Arab citizens that has been compiled during Israel's 58 years of existence. The report of the state commission of inquiry, headed by Justice Theodor Or, that was written in the wake of the events of October 2000 in which 12 Arab Israelis and one Palestinian were shot and killed by the security forces failed to live up to the expectations of the families and the Arab public: It made do with casting minimal blame on small cogs in the system, and also on the elected representatives of the Arab public, and placed none on the government echelon that decided that roads had to be opened even at the cost of human lives.
The writer is a journalist and editor at the Al Ittihad Arabic-language daily published in Haifa.


Haaretz September 22, 2006
You're either a Zionist or a terrorist The legal status of fighters
By Meron Benvenisti
The Israeli legal system, stretched to the limit by cases of private and public corruption, still finds the time and the resources to provide massive support for spreading and deepening Israel's image as a country suffering from terrorism and fighting for its existence. It is an image of a country threatened by traitors from within (Arab Israelis, hoping for a victory of the Axis of Evil whose center is in Damascus), by Hamas operatives (who aspire to destroy it) and by murderous Lebanese (Hezbollah).
 either a Zionist or a terrorist.

Haaretz, September 20, 2006 
Arab Israelis are crossing a line
By Uzi Benziman
Organizations that further Jewish-Arab relations in Israel have become increasingly exposed, since July 12, to an intensifying emotional confrontation that is taking place between the two peoples. From the Jewish Israeli point of view, the second Lebanon War constituted an unassailably justified response to a crass violation of Israel's sovereignty.


Haaretz,  September 19, 2006
Bishara, enemy of the people
By Ala Hlehel
The ritual is already known in advance: Balad party chairman Dr. Azmi Bishara takes some kind of initiative, or does something or other. Immediately there is an item about it on a major news Web site, the talkbacks heat up, MKs from the right compete with one another over belligerent reactions, and an efficient journalist collects some of the statements and publishes them from top to bottom, in order of the degree of extremism. Israeli "public opinion" awakens, the television stations broadcast angry follow-ups, and the presenter accompanies the report with a look of, "Oy, what are we going to do with him now?" The next day, the government and the legal establishment join in and get the investigation process under way. All we have to do now is to wait for the indictment and the petitions to the High Court of Justice.


Haaretz, September 11, 2006
Eitam: Expel Arabs from West Bank, Israeli politics
By Haaretz Service
MK Effi Eitam of the rightist National Union - National Religious Party said in remarks broadcast on Monday that the great majority of Palestinians in the West Bank should be expelled, and that Israeli Arabs in politics should be expelled as well.


An appeal from MADA Al-Carmel to end violations against the right to education in Palestinian society
The Arab Center for Applied Social Research

Haaretz September 05, 2006
Traumatized by the war, Arab education system lacks psychologists to help By Yoav Stern and Yulie Khromchenko
The B Comprehensive School in the Galilee town of Maghar is a rarity: an Arab school that lost a student during the war in the North. Would-be
 10th grader Doa Abbas will not be joining her peers this year. Tomorrow her father will attend memorial ceremonies the school is holding for his
daughter. Principal Afif Araida will read passages in her memory, and her father will speak to her class about what happened.

Torn between both sides (Haaretz, Nazir Majali 21. July 06)


Blackmail by bombs (, Azmi Bishara 20 july 06)


Why are there no Arabs in high-tech? (Haaretz Eynav Ben-Yehuda, 28. June 06)


Galilee kibbutz closes its pool to Israeli Arab swimmers (Haaretz, Jack Khoury 21. June 06)

Probe: Flights from north to central Israel are 'Jews only' (Haaretz Z. Blumenkrantz 14. June 06)


Constitutional chauvinism (Haaretz, Azem Bishara 9. June 06)


Eucalyptus vs. Arabs (Haaretz, Zafrir Rinat 21. may 06)


Discrimination against Arab municipalities unchanged (Haaretz, Jack Khoury 01. Ma 06)


An Arab minister is not enough (Haaretz, Yoav Stern, 30. Apr. 06)

Incoming Hadash lawmaker: Planning policy is anti-Arab (Haaretz, Yoav Stern 11. Apr. 06)


Most Jews would refuse to live in a building with Arabs (Haaret, Eli Ashkenazi 23. Mar. 06)


Free speech? What are you talking about? (Haaretz, Yuval Yoaz 21. Mar. 06)


Not afraid of 'autonomy'  (Yossi Beilin Minority Rights) (Haaretz, Nurit Wurgaft 16. Mar. 06)


'We have to preserve Israel as a Jewish state' (Haaretz, Nurit Wurgaft 14. Mar. 06)


We are more normal than you think (Haaretz, Lily Galili 21. feb. 06)


They 'forgot' one million people (Kadima and israeli Arab candidates)(Haaretz, Lily Galili 16. Feb. 06)


Enlightenment in Eli (Shin Bet abuses israeli Arabs) (Haaretz, Gideon Levy 12. Feb. 06)


Coming up: an Arab-Israeli parliament (Haaretz, Yoav Stern 6. Feb. 06)


On Israeli-Arab patriotism  (Haaretz, Alexander Yacobson 30. Jan. 06)


A question of numbers (Sergio Della Pergola, Haaretz 25. Jan. 06)  

Hundreds gather for funeral of Israeli Arab man killed by police
(J.  Lis, J. Khoury, and E. Ashkenazi, Haaretz 20 Jan. 06)


Neglected to death (Arab Women in israel) (Gideon Levy, Haaretz 19. Jan. 06)


A population of criminals (Jafar Farah, Haaretz 17. Jan 06)


Arab children at highest risk in car accidents (David Ratner, Haaretz 11. Jan. 06)

A lesson in citizenship (Haaretz, Dan Rabinowitz 20. Dec. 05)


Israel's Arab schoolchildren get first booklet explaining Palestinian history
( 19. Dec. 05)


Expelling Israeli Arabs: A blot on Israeli democracy (Arik Carmon, Haaretz 12. Dec. 05)


The Peretz challenge to Arab politics  (Haaretz, Dan Rabinowitz  01. Dez. 05)


State admits move to boost Arabs in civil service is not working (Haaretz, Zvi Zrahiya 30. Nov. 05)

Anteil der arabischen Angestellten in israelischen Ministerien ( Deutsch,Arabisch 30. Nov. 05))

Fifth of Israeli children below poverty line in 2004 (, Zeev Klein    17. Nov 05)

(16% of Israel’s children live in families with no breadwinners:.13% of Jewish and 23% of Arab children )


A dangerous anger (Haaretz, Akiva Eldar 11. Nov. 05)


Conference against Galilee Judaization to be held Saturday (Itim-Haaretz 11. Nov. 05)


Only four out of 104 communities covered by Galilee development plan are Arab (J. Khoury, Y. Stern Haaretz 9. Nov. 05)


Andromeda Hill is a gated community. and Jaffa's Arabs will be left outside the wall (A. Dayan, Haaretz 6. Nov. 05)  

Israeli Arabs should get 20 percent of state's foreign aid (Yoav Stern, Haaretz 20. Oct. 05 )


Die arabischen Israelis und ihre minderen Rechte (Joseph Algazy taz 14. Okt. 05)

No services in Arab towns `for safety reasons'  (J. Khoury Haaretzz 12. Oct. 05)


Or panel member slams police probe into 2000 riots (Y. Stern, Haaretz 21. Sept. 05)


The new partition plan (A. Benn, Haaretz 20. Sept. 05)


....burial of four Arab riot victims without autopsy (Y. Stern , J. Lis  Haaretz 20. Sept. 05)


No officers to face charges for October riots ..(J. Lis, Y. Stern and J. Khoury  Haaretz 19. Sept. 05)


one law for all terror victims (Haaretz Editors, 02. Sept 05)


(israeli) Arab education are plagued by problems (E. Ashkenazi, Haaretz 01. Sept. 05)


These school gates are closed  (for Arabs in Israel) (Y. Khromchenko Haaretz, 31. Aug 05)


Shfaram victims won't be recognized by terror law (R. Sinai , J. Khoury, Haaretz 30. Aug 05)


Infant mortality gap widens between Jews and Arabs (in Israel) (R. Reznick Haaretz 26. Aug 05)


Covert support -Israeli-Arabs-Gaza (Nazir Majali 24. Aug 05)


Just who are these `1948 Arabs` (Z. Barel haaretz 16. Aug 05)


Letter of Abrahamfund Directors to EL-AL (July 05) (Hebrew) (Arabic)
Brief der Abrahamfund Direktoren an ELAL wegen Diskriminierung arabischer Israelis (Juli 05)


Poll: one-third of Israeli Arabs rely on government aid (E. Ashkenazi, Haarez 9. July 05


waiting for equality (J. Kessel & P. Klochendler. Haaretz 27. June 05)


(israeli) Arabs for hire (G. Levy , Haaretz 19. June 05)


Showing a sour face to the (israeli) Arabs (Haaretz 16. June 05)


The Experience of the Past in the Mirror of Today (Felicia Langer, Adalah`s Newsletter 13. May 2005)

From discrimination to the denial of basic freedoms (H. Jabarin Haaretz 18. May 2005)


What can Israeli Arabs learn at Ariel ( G. Levy, Haaretz 9. May 05)


racism by any other name (Y. Laor Haaretz 7. Apr 05)


Ethnische Demokratie (G. Yaron, AN 2. Apr. 05)


Demokratie gegen Demographie (L. Greenberg Haaretz, 9-Feb. 05)


Dunum um Dunum (Uri Avneri , 5- Feb.  05), Dunum after Dunum


What are Israeli Arabs (Zvi Bare`l Haaretz Jun-2004 english)



The Arabs of Israel - World Zionist Organisation (

Legal Violations of Arab Minorities in Israel - (Adalah March 1998

The Palestinian Minority Citizens of  Israel (The Arab Association for Human Rights

Factsheets: The Palestinian citizens of Israel (The Arab Association for Human Rights

Israeli Arabs suffer state discrimination  (Aljazeea.Net, 12 May 05)
Israel and the occupied terretories (US State Department Feb. 2004)









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