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Opinion Survey among Palestinian Opinion Leaders

 (Birzeit University, Development Studies Programme), 28 February 2007

67.5% of Palestinian Opinion Leaders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip) see
the solution of the conflict in one democratic state in historical
Palestine for all its citizens without discrimination based on religion,
race, ethnicity, color or sex (to be determined by a constitution and upon
international safeguards and guarantees).

65.2% see the solution in two states, Palestinian and Israeli (according to
the 1988 resolution of the Palestinian National Council and UNSC Resolution 242).

31.6% of them see the solution in an Islamic state on all lands of
historical Palestine with Jews and Christians to be treated as minorities
(non-Muslims enjoying the protection of the Islamic state).

74.5% of them consider implementation of UN Resolution 194 (the right of
return and/or compensation), according to which refugees return to their
places of origin as Isareli citizens and compensation is made to those who
are unwilling to return, as the solution to the Palestinian refugee

The findings are based on a survey of opinion leaders defined as Palestinian
individuals in hte West Bank and Gaza Strip who contribute to changing and
altering the status of the Palestinian community in the long term. 520
opinon leaders were intereviewed for this purpose.

Another interesting finding of the survey is the fact that support for the
two state solution appears to be based mainly on the notion that it is the
most faesible option: 53.9% of the 65.2% who state their preference for a
two state solution do so because they think it is feasible, while
preferences of other solutions (one democratic state, Islamic state) are not
guided by considerations of feasibility in the short term.

A weakness of the urvey is the fact that additional and more detailed
questions asked in the following chapters assume an Oslo-based, two-state
scenario and did provide an opportunity for persons interviewed to elaborate
on their views in accordance with their prefered scenario for a
comprehensive solution.

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