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Guest presentation “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”


On the evening of November 29, 2005, a presentation moderated by Prof. Elias Jammal on the historical origins of and current events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was held at Heilbronn University and attended by approximately 100 students, university employees, and other interested guests.


The speaker, Dr. Ghaleb Natour, a Palestinian from Israel who has been living in Germany for many years, referred in his observations to public sources of the Israeli and Jewish peace movement. Despite the objectivity of the presentation, the speaker’s emotions were, understandably, in evidence, however this did not detract in the least from the informative value of the evening.


Dr. Natour presented this complex topic in a manner suited to the academic requirements over the course of two hours. He concisely conveyed valuable information for listeners with both a general and a specialist interest.


History dating from the mid-19th century, the context of world politics at the time, the origin of the State of Israel, and the roots of the Palestine problem were explained. Dr. Natour presented the current situation of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied regions, and the effects of the conflict on their lives just as comprehensively and powerfully as he did the contexts of the relations between Germany, Israel, Palestine, and the Arab world.


The audience had the opportunity to ask questions, of which there were many. Listeners were also able to talk to the speaker in person after the presentation.


At the end of the evening, falafel, a Palestinian specialty, and drinks were offered. The profits were donated to aid projects initiated by Dr. Natour for schools in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.



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