St. Ursula School Hanover


Grammar school privately run by the Catholic School Foundation in the diocese of Hildesheim


Hanover, June 23, 2004



Reference for Dr. Natour




Dr. Natour held a 90-minute presentation on the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict – History and Current Situation” in our school in front of our 12th-grade class. His talk was distinguished by its clear presentation, objectivity, and exact knowledge of details, the clear use of sources, and an open discussion. The pupils particularly praised the fact that Dr. Natour very clearly separated factual information from personal emotions, and dealt very impressively with the pupils’ contributions to the discussion. As such, his presentation significantly furthered our pupils’ knowledge in a manner that was both appropriately academic for this age group yet also very personal, and created a more subtle differentiation of emotional attitudes.


We strongly recommend making Dr. Natour’s presentation available to pupils, and feel that it is particularly well suited as a complement to politics, religion, history, and geography lessons.





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