Peace for  Israel and Palestine

registered association for advancement of peace in Israel and Palestine e.V.




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The Middel East Israel-PalestineJordan


Palestine 1907                

Israel 2005 (

Israel- occupied terrotiries
(Financial Times -Germany)                  

Palestine under british Mandat (1923-48)

UN Partition Plan (1947)

Palestinian/Jewish Land Holding1923

Land Holding depopulated and razed  villages  

   6 Day War1967                   

               Oslo 1995  

Camp David 2000

Camp David 2000


The Wall 2-2005                         



Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip UN Statistics Closures 11-04 to 4-05

West Bank Closures April 2005

Wall and Checkpoints Jerusalem
August 2005

Wall Settlement Expansion 1

Wall Settlement Expansion 2


The Wall in the West Bank

PALDIS Ramallah und








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